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Image: Couple on information talk with exhibitor

REHACARE 2014: Small plus and great atmosphere in the halls
51,250 experts and people affected gathered information about aids for self-determined living / Demographic development as an innovation driver / New information formats went down exceedingly well ... Read final press report

Image: Couple on information talk with exhibitor REHACARE 2014 Final Press Release - Small plus and great atmosphere in the halls

Photo:Women exercising; ©Dmitriy Shironosov/

Top News

A new study has preliminarily concluded that people with multiple sclerosis may reduce perceived fatigue and increase mobility through a series of combined strength training and fitness exercises. Click here for the news

Photo:Women exercising; ©Dmitriy Shironosov/ Top News Sport can help multiple sclerosis patients

Photo: Rehabilitation therapy; © A.Traumann/

Topic of the Month October

Rehabilitation is supposed to facilitate the reintegration into professional and social life for people with a disability, a chronic disease or after an accident ... Click here for the Topic of the Month

Photo: Rehabilitation therapy; © A.Traumann/ Topic of the Month In October: Rehabilitation

Photo: Andreas Costrau; © Melanie Bäcker

Andreas Costrau - That's How He Rolls

His mother tongue is noiseless, but not lifeless: Andreas Costrau lives, loves and teaches German Sign Language ... Click here for the current interview

Photo: Andreas Costrau; © Melanie Bäcker Andreas Costrau - That's How He Rolls Andreas Costrau on

Photo: Review Live coverage; ©

Photo: Review Live coverage; © Live Reports 2014 What happened in the trade fair halls? A review!

Photo: Sara Hendren; © private

We asked ... Sara Hendren

The Accessible Icon Project developed a more dynamic symbol of a wheelchair user to reduce barriers and stereotypes in the heads of the people. Click here for the current interview

Photo: Sara Hendren; © private We asked ... "The new icon places the person in the foreground, not the wheelchair"

Photo: Driving school car; linked to a video REHACARE TV Self-determined mobility thanks to driver’s license

Photo: REHACARE TV REHACARE 2014 Welcome to the leading trade fair on "self-determined living"!

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Photo: Newsletter; © Alberto Masnovo/ Newsletter Stay up-to-date.

Photo: Integration. Life. Society.

Integration.Life.Society 2015

Registration in full swing for fourth Trade and Event Fair for People with Impairments and Nursing Needs, from 22 to 24 April 2015 in Moscow. Read more

Photo: Integration. Life. Society. Integration.Life.Society. Trade and Event Fair in Moscow

Video: From the hot sand to the cooling water

The feeling of an insatiable desire to travel surely is known by each of us. For people with disabilities traveling often is a big challenge. We were on the REHACARE trade fair 2014...

Video: Impressions of the REHACARE 2014

REHACARE 2014 in emotions: Have a look at this year´s highlights!

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Wireless connectivity for hearing aids

22/09/2014 - Wireless connectivity allows people to connect their hearing aids with a wide range of mobile devices which have become an essential part of modern life – from MP3 player to TV and mobile phones – and to stay connected to the audible world around them. read more

Avatars make the Internet sign to deaf people

01/09/2014 - Animated online characters display content in sign language. This new method is supposed to make Internet content accessible for deaf people. In the long term, deaf people would be able to use the technique to communicate on online platforms via sign language. To realize the technique, users would only need readily available devices. read more

StopInfo for OneBusAway app makes buses more usable for the blind

20/08/2014 - A program called StopInfo integrates with OneBusAway and provides specific information on location, safety features and stop closures for each bus stop in King County. In particular, it seeks to collect and share information that blind people have identified as important when they ride the bus. It relies on bus riders using the application to update and provide information about each stop. read more

New prosthetic arm controlled by neural messages

20/08/2014 - Controlling a prosthetic arm by just imagining a motion may be possible through the work of Mexican scientists at the Centre for Research and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV), who work in the development of an arm replacement to identify movement patterns from brain signals. read more

Smartphone app and specialized clinic for chronic fatigue patients

11/08/2014 - Sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are set to benefit with the dual launch of a specialist Griffith University clinic and smartphone app, both aimed to manage their illness and improve health outcomes. read more

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Exhibitors of REHACARE 2013

Last year the exhibitors presented their products and services in six halls. We talked to some of them and asked them about their trade fair impressions.

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Inclusion, of course, means being a part of something - also visually Read more

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Photo Gallery: BEMOTEC

The E-Walker beactive+e by BEMOTEC
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