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Photo: Old man kisses wife; ©

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Older people are continuing to enjoy active sex lives well into their seventies and eighties, according to new research. Click here for the news

Photo: Old man kisses wife; © Top News Love and intimacy in old age

Photo: Birgit Brink; © private

Birgit Brink - That's How She Rolls

Getting from A to B in a self-determined way has been quite natural for Birgit Brink for a long time. But the diagnosis Multiple Sclerosis changed her life. Now she examines with her handbike how accessible her surrounding is. Click here for the current interview

Photo: Birgit Brink; © private Birgit Brink - That's How She Rolls Birgit Brink on

Photo: Lisa Polk, young man with trisomy 21; ©Clemens Krüger

We asked ... hemdless spoke with the young designers Lisa Polk and Christian Schinnerl about their project hemdless, the benefit of angled buttonholes and the "6th Shirt". Click here for the current interview

Photo: Lisa Polk, young man with trisomy 21; ©Clemens Krüger We asked ... "hemdless is not just meant to represent disability fashion"

Photo: Mashup of people with disabilities; © private

Topic of the Month January

Why appealing clothes and disability belong together and what people with disability actually expect? Click here for the Topic of the Month

Photo: Mashup of people with disabilities; © private Topic of the Month In January: Fashion

Photo: Dancing people; linked to a video REHACARE TV Dancing with dementia – You don’t forget your lust for living

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Photo: Newsletter; © Alberto Masnovo/ Newsletter Stay up-to-date.

Photo: Integration. Life. Society.

Integration.Life.Society 2015

Registration in full swing for fourth Trade and Event Fair for People with Impairments and Nursing Needs, from 22 to 24 April 2015 in Moscow. Read more

Photo: Integration. Life. Society. Integration.Life.Society. Trade and Event Fair in Moscow

Photo: Young man in a wheelchair; © private

Topic in January:

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Dancing with dementia – You don’t forget your lust for living

People with and without dementia dance together in a dancing school: "We dance again!" is a project where step sequences do not matter, but the fun of moving does.

Photo: Birgit Brink; © private

How We Roll!

Birgit Brink
Read the interview

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Taking sightlessness for a spin can harm people's attitudes toward blindness

26/01/2015 - Using simulation to walk in the shoes of a person who is blind – such as wearing a blindfold while performing everyday tasks – has negative effects on people's perceptions of the visually impaired, according to a University of Colorado Boulder study. read more

Hearing-aid intervention helps individuals gradually adjust to devices

21/01/2015 - Now, a University of Missouri researcher has developed an intervention that helps older adults gradually increase their hearing-aid use and satisfaction with the devices. read more

Care-O-Bot: Robots as multifunctional helpers

16/01/2015 - Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA have now developed a new service robot: the fourth generation of the "Care-O-Bot". While its predecessors from 1998 onwards were used primarily in the development of technological fundamentals, the Care-O-bot 4 is a modular product family providing the basis for commercial service robot solutions. read more

Technophobia may keep seniors from using apps to manage diabetes

07/01/2015 - Despite showing interest in web or mobile apps to help manage their Type 2 diabetes, only a small number of older adults actually use them, says a new study from the University of Waterloo. Approximately 2.2 million Canadians are living with Type 2 diabetes, 2 million of whom are age 50 or older. read more

New findings from mind-controlled robot arm project

17/12/2014 - In another demonstration that brain-computer interface technology has the potential to improve the function and quality of life of those unable to use their own arms, a woman with quadriplegia shaped the almost human hand of a robot arm with just her thoughts to pick up big and small boxes, a ball, an oddly shaped rock, and fat and skinny tubes. read more

POSEIDON: Information technology for people with Trisomy 21

05/12/2014 - An ICT research EU project is producing visual and touch apps to help people with Trisomy 21 become more independent in their daily lives. read more

Wheelchair users demand a designer future

03/12/2014 - Too many accessories for wheelchair users still scream disability aid. Now a team of design students from Brunel University London has teamed up with campaigning website Blue Badge Style to produce stylish accessories. The best chosen by public vote will go forward to prototype stage. read more

Image: REHACARE flags at the fairgrounds

Exhibitors of REHACARE 2014

We have asked some of this year's exhibitors the tricky question of how to summarize the REHACARE in three short words.

Click here for the photo gallery

Video: Impressions of the REHACARE 2014

REHACARE 2014 in emotions: Have a look at this year´s highlights!