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Work & Education

Work & Education


Autistic adults and their real-world driving experiences

Photo: Woman driving a car [30/06/2014] In the first pilot study asking adults on the autism spectrum about their experiences with driving, researchers at Drexel University found significant differences in self-reported driving behaviors and perceptions of driving ability in comparison to non-autistic adults.Autistic adults and their real-world driving experiences - Read more

Stefan Keller - That´s How He Rolls

Photo: Stefan Keller; linked to Flying across the landscape like a bird: Stefan Keller fulfills this dream – for himself and for others. He already offered paragliding to people with paraplegia before he himself had to use a wheelchair. What kind of role flying takes up in his life by now and which plans he has for the future, he tells us on Keller - That´s How He Rolls - Read more

We asked ...

Celebrity, expert or those affected - in this section they all get to weigh in. And they have many interesting things to say. talks to each of them about current events in politics, recreation and lifestyle.We asked ... - Read more

"The skatepark is the perfect place for real world inclusion"

Photo: David Lebuser in a skatepark Whether it is Hamburg, Kassel or Dortmund – WheelchairMX (WCMX) is becoming more and more popular with active wheelchair users. David Lebuser, the first German professional WCMX skater, shows interested parties in workshops how they can safely move around in a skatepark. After the first well frequented courses in Germany and the Netherlands, now the idea is to expand."The skatepark is the perfect place for real world inclusion" - Read more

Bamba de Rosa - That´s How She Rolls

Photo: Bamba de Rosa; linked to Being the president of the whole world – this is her dream. Bamba de Rosa is a photo artist who loves life, Heavy Metal and chocolate. Good mood is her order of the day. Her positive basic attitude towards life could also not be darkened by the diagnosis MS. Why especially Nina Hagen and Pippi Longstocking influenced her a lot, she tells us on de Rosa - That´s How She Rolls - Read more

Together strong at the Special Olympics

Living inclusion – at the Olympic Games for People with Learning Disabilities (so-called "intellectual disabilities") Special Olympics exactly this happened. People with and without disability compete together in athletic competitions and most of all enjoy sports and being together. was on site.Together strong at the Special Olympics - Read more

Tina Jahns - That´s How She Rolls

Photo: Tina Jahns; linked to Sexuality and disability are still a taboo. But with aesthetic pictures a photo project now shows a different, very intimate side of inclusion. Why Tina Jahns, who initiated the project, also in future wants to cause norms to totter, what fills her life with colors and which role the Little Mermaid plays with all this, she tells us on Jahns - That´s How She Rolls - Read more

Innovative diabetes app for smartphone

Photo: Smartphone taking a picture of a meal [06/06/2014] An app for smartphones automatically calculates the carbohydrate content of a meal. The programme called GoCARB enables diabetics to better plan their meals and to control their blood glucose easier. GoCARB was developed at the ARTORG Institute of the University of Bern in close cooperation with Bern University Hospital.Innovative diabetes app for smartphone - Read more

Uschi Bökesch - That´s How She Rolls

Photo: Uschi Bökesch; linked to An accessible bar in the middle of Berlin – this is her dream. Uschi Bökesch already sees it in front of her. But sometimes she also likes looking back. What her past has to do with a drum kit and what else she wishes for in her future, she tell us on Bökesch - That´s How She Rolls - Read more

June 2014: Mobility for all

An inclusive society needs accessible mobility solutions. For people with disabilities such conditions are often not given. Whether local or longdistance traffic – spontaneous and independent travelling is often weary and complicated. What the status quo concerning mobility looks like in Germany and other countries, you will get to know in our Topic of the Month June: Mobility for all.June 2014: Mobility for all - Read more


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