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Work & Education

Work & Education


Laura M. Schwengber - That´s How She Rolls

Photo: Laura M. Schwengber; linked to Who likes watching music clips on YouTube, might have already seen her: Laura M. Schwengber. The sign language interpreter translates the latest chart songs into sign language for a German radio station. The video clips can be seen online. How the eager young woman thinks about sleeping and why she needs ruthless furniture movers, she tells us on M. Schwengber - That´s How She Rolls - Read more

Dementia: Caregivers May Benefit from Tailored Interventions

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Photo: Woman caring for her mother [22/07/2013] Researchers have found that multiple factors contribute to the burden felt by caregivers of people living with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. These factors include the direct impact of providing care upon the caregivers' lives, guilt, and frustration or embarrassment.Dementia: Caregivers May Benefit from Tailored Interventions - Read more

Stroke – And Life Goes On

Suddenly everything is different: With a stroke the whole life changes. After extensive rehabilitation many patients are ready for a new life. For they have to move on – even if their daily routine will change.Stroke – And Life Goes On - Read more

Helena Dindas - That´s How She Rolls

Photo: Helena Dindas; linked to Many people have fears of contacts towards people with disabilities. Also Helena Dindas experienced this firsthand after her stroke. By publishing her fears, feelings and experiences in a book, she wants to help others to get rid of their helplessness towards handicapped people. In which moments she needs help sometimes and what makes her happy, she tells us on Dindas - That´s How She Rolls - Read more

Silvia Rottmar - That´s How She Rolls

Photo: Silvia Rottmar; linked to Silvia Rottmar wants to engcourage other people. Encourage them to accept their life with the brittle-bone disease and to keep their chin up. For, this is also her way of seeing her life with the disease. What else really matters to her, she tells us on Rottmar - That´s How She Rolls - Read more

Testing the Power of Music to Improve Senior Health

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Photo: Choir of elderly people [10/07/2013] A new research project is exploring whether singing in a community choir can provide tangible health advantages to older adults.Testing the Power of Music to Improve Senior Health - Read more

July 2013: Life after Stroke

Vision disorders, aphasia, signs of paralysis – these are only three important symptoms for a stroke. If you have one, every minute counts. But how do you live on after a stroke? Especially if you already had it as a baby in the womb? On you will find answers to this in our Topic of the Month July: Life after Stroke.July 2013: Life after Stroke - Read more

When the Child Is Hit by Stroke…

According to estimates, in Germany 300 to 500 children per year have a stroke. This is almost one child per day who is affected before or after birth. But the diagnosis is difficult. And often the so called pediatric stroke changes a young life which has not even started yet.When the Child Is Hit by Stroke… - Read more


Welcome to the leading trade fair on "Self-determined living!" - Welcome to the REHACARE International in Düsseldorf! REHACARE 2013 - Read more

Jacqueline Janke - That´s How She Rolls

Photo: Jacqueline Janke; linked to Whether still life or nude painting - Jacqueline Janke is an artist with all her heart and soul. Since 2006, angels are among her favorite subjects. Which connection she also has to Jesus and how she has been impressed by a Romanian accordion player, she tells Janke - That´s How She Rolls - Read more


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