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Self-rated Physical Fitness in Midlife an Indicator of Dementia Risk

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[05/03/2014] How would you rate your own physical fitness? Is it good, satisfactory or maybe even poor? Surprisingly, your answer may reveal your future risk of getting dementia.Self-rated Physical Fitness in Midlife an Indicator of Dementia Risk - Read more

Experimental Care Program Keeps People with Dementia at Home Longer

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Photo: Nurse with an elderly woman [14/02/2014] An 18-month pilot program that brought resources and counselors to elderly Baltimore residents with dementia and other memory disorders significantly increased the length of time they lived successfully at home, according to Johns Hopkins researchers. Staying at home was a clear preference for most of those who participated in the study.Experimental Care Program Keeps People with Dementia at Home Longer - Read more

February 2014: Living with Dementia

There is not only one form of dementia. It has various faces. According to its varying degree of severity and to the severity of symptoms, the disease can have impact on the particular people in very different ways. In the Topic of the Month February provides insight into Living with Dementia.February 2014: Living with Dementia - Read more

Forgetting Dementia while Dancing

As a couple or alone, in the wheelchair or with a wheeled walker or a cane – if the music is right, everybody wants to move to it and dance. The project “We dance again!” takes advantage of this natural impulse and brings people with dementia to a place where their disease does not matter: on the dance floor.Forgetting Dementia while Dancing - Read more

Residing with Dementia: „It Is Important to Always Find an Individually Fitting Solution“

Living in the own four walls is very important for many elderly people. But when the physical and mental condition complicates an independent life, you need good alternatives. During the last years, a lot of concepts for people with dementia emerged. They are supposed to make self-determined living as comfortable as possible.Residing with Dementia: „It Is Important to Always Find an Individually Fitting Solution“ - Read more

Living at Home with Dementia

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Photo: Old man in the bathroom [08/01/2014] Most people with dementia who live at home have multiple unmet health and welfare needs, any number of which could jeopardize their ability to remain home for as long as they desire, new Johns Hopkins research suggests.Living at Home with Dementia - Read more

Making Dementia Friendly Neighbourhoods

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[06/01/2014] A European team of experts led by The University of Manchester will explore, investigate and evaluate the role of the neighbourhood in the everyday lives of people with dementia and their families in a new research project.Making Dementia Friendly Neighbourhoods - Read more

Mainz University Medical Center Opens Dementia Service Center

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Photo: Opening of Dementia Service Center [04/11/2013] To attend the special needs of dementia patients, their families as well as of the University Medicine care system, the Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) offers a special and nationwide unique range of services.Mainz University Medical Center Opens Dementia Service Center - Read more

Creative App for Dementia Care Workers

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Photo: Screenshot of the app [07/10/2013] As the population ages through better nutrition and healthcare, we can expect absolute numbers of people with dementia to continue to rise. Konstantinos Zachos of City University London and colleagues there and at the Registered Nursing Home Association in Birmingham and London company MediaTel Ltd have developed a software application, an "app", for use by staff in residential care homes.Creative App for Dementia Care Workers - Read more

You Are Never too Old for Sports

Being healthy! That’s what many elderly people wish. They also know that sport and exercise have a great influence on the physical well-being. What’s left is the decision, which form of sport is the right one for you.You Are Never too Old for Sports - Read more


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