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Recreation & Culture


Vehicle Conversions: No off the Shelf Cars

When people with physical impairments want to drive a car, they cannot simply get into any vehicle and start driving. Depending on the disability, the vehicle needs to meet specific conditions; generally, a customization is necessary. The German Association of Disabled Car Owners (“Bund behinderter Auto-Besitzer/BbAB) provides help in regards to conversions.Vehicle Conversions: No off the Shelf Cars - Read more


Welcome to the leading trade fair on "Self-determined living!" - Welcome to the REHACARE in Düsseldorf! REHACARE 2012 - Read more

September 2012: Pimp my Wheelchair IV

Every year is looking for the coolest wheelchair of Germany with the competition "Pimp my Wheelchair". Which readers have madeit this time with their individual wheelchairs, you will get to know in the Topic of the Month September: Pimp my Wheelchair IV.September 2012: Pimp my Wheelchair IV - Read more

London 2012: In the Grip of the Paralympics Fever

Long jumpers, javelin throwers and sprinters – the athletes of the Paralympics in London are all fire and flame for the most important competition in the world. The organizers of these events have caught the Paralympics fever as well. In the current documentary on top athletes speak about their ultimate goals and of their secret fears.London 2012: In the Grip of the Paralympics Fever - Read more

Auxiliary Means: Until the Prosthesis Fits

After accidents and amputations, prosthetics help in replacing missing body parts. However, for the devices to function optimally, they have to be fitted well to the wearer. A comprehensive process – from manufacturing to walking training. Auxiliary Means: Until the Prosthesis Fits - Read more

Controlling Your Computer With Your Eyes

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[16/07/2012] Millions of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries or amputees could soon interact with their computers and surroundings using just their eyes, thanks to a new device that costs less than £40.Controlling Your Computer With Your Eyes - Read more

Globetrotter in a Wheelchair: "Men with Kalashnikovs Have Arrested Me"

Far countries, foreign cultures – this are the challenges Andreas Pröve faces up to over and over again with enthusiasm. His wheelchair does not hinder his thirst for adventure, on the contrary: Just because many people do not think he is capable of doing it, he ventures the apparently impossible.Globetrotter in a Wheelchair: "Men with Kalashnikovs Have Arrested Me" - Read more

The BunBos: a Coloured Fleet

In Plaue at the Havel, Germany, the most unusual houseboats far and wide start: the BunBos. Also with bag and baggage there is enough tyre freedom on board for wheel chair drivers. Thus, adventurers can spend day and night on the water. Travelling can hardly be more uncomplicated.The BunBos: a Coloured Fleet - Read more

Wheelchair Tai Chi Brings Mobility

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[20/04/2012] An innovative 13-postures Tai Chi designed for wheelchair users has brought the traditional Chinese martial and healing arts to people with ambulatory impairment, thanks to the technology and program developed by Zibin Guo of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.Wheelchair Tai Chi Brings Mobility - Read more

Dementia: Understanding the Patient Brings Better Care

Patients suffering from dementia often cannot articulate themselves clearly. If they constantly shout out incomprehensible words or even react aggressively towards their surrounding, it can be a difficult situation for the people caring for them. Scientists are therefore researching support possibilities to unburden the interaction for both parties...Dementia: Understanding the Patient Brings Better Care - Read more


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