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Research & Health

Research & Health


Carnival Goers should Protect their Hearing

[25/08/2006] Revellers should protect their hearing at the Notting Hill Carnival from 27-28 August. The Don't Lose the Music Campaign is recommending that goers wear earplugs and take other simple steps to enjoy the music more safely.Carnival Goers should Protect their Hearing - Read more

Loud Music Can Permantly Damage Ears

[12/07/2006] The festival "Don't Lose the Music Week", running from 4 - 10 September, will raise awareness amongst music fans of the dangers of over exposure to loud music. Loud Music Can Permantly Damage Ears - Read more

Listening instead of Reading

Books, magazines and newspapers are part of the daily life. Many special services and libraries help making these leisures available to blind and visually impaired people as well. Listening instead of Reading - Read more

Benefit Night: Sex, Plugs and Rock 'n' Roll with Black Maria

[19/10/2005] Although Black Mariah have joined the ever-growing group of musicians, they are still committed to aware of the damage that listening to loud music for too long can do. They organised a benefit night for RNID's "Don't Lose the Music” Campaign. Benefit Night: Sex, Plugs and Rock 'n' Roll with Black Maria - Read more

A Very Special Acoustic Christmas

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[19/12/2003] Lost Highway Records released A Very Special Acoustic Christmas, the sixth album in the acclaimed A Very Special Christmas album series. The sixth edition is a combination of new and old acoustic-based Christmas songs performed by an array of artists.A Very Special Acoustic Christmas - Read more


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