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We asked...

We asked...

Celebrity, expert or subject - in this section they all get to weigh in. And they have many interesting things to say. talks to each of them about current events in politics, recreation and lifestyle.


Brain-Wave-Reading Robot Might Help Stroke Patients

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[22/08/2012] New device could help rehabilitate stroke survivors by turning thoughts into actions, retraining motor pathways.Brain-Wave-Reading Robot Might Help Stroke Patients - Read more

Development of Prosthetic Hands Stagnated

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[15/06/2012] The development of body-powered prosthetic hands has stagnated for over twenty years. That is the main conclusion of a study by researchers from Delft University of Technology and the University of Groningen into this type of prosthesis.Development of Prosthetic Hands Stagnated - Read more

Hip Implant for Long-term Use

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[09/05/2012] Hip replacement is one of the most frequent operations carried out in Germany. Often the artificial hips need to be replaced just ten years later. In the future, a new implant currently being developed using high technology materials could help prevent premature revision surgeries.Hip Implant for Long-term Use - Read more

Spinal Cord Injuries: First Customised Assistive Devices

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[12/10/2011] The first active orthosis prototype, developed at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), assists muscles affected by incomplete spinal cord injury.Spinal Cord Injuries: First Customised Assistive Devices - Read more

Lower-limb Prosthetic: Giving Amputees a Natural Gait

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[22/08/2011] A new lower-limb prosthetic developed at Vanderbilt University allows amputees to walk without the leg-dragging gait characteristic of conventional artificial legs.Lower-limb Prosthetic: Giving Amputees a Natural Gait - Read more

Improving Mind-Controlled Prosthetics

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[07/02/2011] US Researchers are helping the Pentagon build reliable mind-controlled prosthetic devices that military and civilian amputees can use the rest of their lives. Improving Mind-Controlled Prosthetics - Read more

Infected Prosthetic Knees Cause Problems

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[13/12/2010] The number of people that undergo an operation to have a prosthetic knee joint is increasing. One reason is that the population is getting older, another is that people are also getting heavier, which is a factor in the development of osteoarthritis. The number of knee replacement operations has increased by 9 per cent a year in recent years. Infected Prosthetic Knees Cause Problems - Read more

Bone-Anchored Leg Prostheses Improve Quality of Life

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[22/09/2010] A study shows the results of treatment using prostheses attached to titanium implants in the bones of patients with above-the-knee amputations. It reveals that the treatment improves function and quality of life in nine out of ten patients.Bone-Anchored Leg Prostheses Improve Quality of Life - Read more

Prosthesis with Information at its Fingertips

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[16/08/2010] Hope for patients who suffer from phantom pain: Scientists from Jena University develop a hand prosthesis that eases the pain.Prosthesis with Information at its Fingertips - Read more

Three-Legged Dogs Boost Robot Research

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[02/07/2010] Scientists in Germany are examining how 3-legged dogs move to help design and develop robots that can adapt to unexpected conditions.Three-Legged Dogs Boost Robot Research - Read more


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