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We asked...

We asked...

Celebrity, expert or subject - in this section they all get to weigh in. And they have many interesting things to say. talks to each of them about current events in politics, recreation and lifestyle.


New Metric to Track Prosthetic Arm Progress

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Photo: Patient with prosthetic arm; linked to [05/11/2012] Amputees with a new prosthetic arm must learn how to use it to perform everyday tasks that were once second nature. Taking off a shirt becomes a conscious, multistep effort: grasp it, lift it over the head, pull arms through the sleeves, place the shirt on the table, let go of the shirt.New Metric to Track Prosthetic Arm Progress - Read more

Brain-Wave-Reading Robot Might Help Stroke Patients

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[22/08/2012] New device could help rehabilitate stroke survivors by turning thoughts into actions, retraining motor pathways.Brain-Wave-Reading Robot Might Help Stroke Patients - Read more

Development of Prosthetic Hands Stagnated

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[15/06/2012] The development of body-powered prosthetic hands has stagnated for over twenty years. That is the main conclusion of a study by researchers from Delft University of Technology and the University of Groningen into this type of prosthesis.Development of Prosthetic Hands Stagnated - Read more

Hip Implant for Long-term Use

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[09/05/2012] Hip replacement is one of the most frequent operations carried out in Germany. Often the artificial hips need to be replaced just ten years later. In the future, a new implant currently being developed using high technology materials could help prevent premature revision surgeries.Hip Implant for Long-term Use - Read more

Spinal Cord Injuries: First Customised Assistive Devices

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[12/10/2011] The first active orthosis prototype, developed at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), assists muscles affected by incomplete spinal cord injury.Spinal Cord Injuries: First Customised Assistive Devices - Read more

Lower-limb Prosthetic: Giving Amputees a Natural Gait

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[22/08/2011] A new lower-limb prosthetic developed at Vanderbilt University allows amputees to walk without the leg-dragging gait characteristic of conventional artificial legs.Lower-limb Prosthetic: Giving Amputees a Natural Gait - Read more

Improving Mind-Controlled Prosthetics

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[07/02/2011] US Researchers are helping the Pentagon build reliable mind-controlled prosthetic devices that military and civilian amputees can use the rest of their lives. Improving Mind-Controlled Prosthetics - Read more

Infected Prosthetic Knees Cause Problems

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[13/12/2010] The number of people that undergo an operation to have a prosthetic knee joint is increasing. One reason is that the population is getting older, another is that people are also getting heavier, which is a factor in the development of osteoarthritis. The number of knee replacement operations has increased by 9 per cent a year in recent years. Infected Prosthetic Knees Cause Problems - Read more

Bone-Anchored Leg Prostheses Improve Quality of Life

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[22/09/2010] A study shows the results of treatment using prostheses attached to titanium implants in the bones of patients with above-the-knee amputations. It reveals that the treatment improves function and quality of life in nine out of ten patients.Bone-Anchored Leg Prostheses Improve Quality of Life - Read more

Prosthesis with Information at its Fingertips

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[16/08/2010] Hope for patients who suffer from phantom pain: Scientists from Jena University develop a hand prosthesis that eases the pain.Prosthesis with Information at its Fingertips - Read more


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