Advertising in the catalogue

Individual advertising text in the list of exhibitors

Company descriptions or activities on the stand can be positioned as text under your entry so as to make targeted reference to your stand and your exhibits.

Price: € 41.– (per printing line) plus VAT
Graphic: catalogue content

Reference numbers in the exhibitor entry

  • The so-called “exhibit line“ with the key data of your product categories as supplement to your basic entry
  • Shows the spread of your product range

Tip: The more entries you choose in the product categories the greater your spread at first glance!

Price: € 40.– plus VAT

Logo for the trademark entry

Graphic: Logo for the trademark entry in the catalogue
Your coloured company logo makes your brand stand out immediately

Price: € 70.– (per trademark logo) plus VAT

Company presentation page with product picture and text

Graphic: Company presentation page with product picture and text in the catalogue
  • An own page in the catalogue offers you a great deal of space for an extensive presentation of your company and your products
  • Company logo and product picture are printed in addition

Price: € 300,– plus VAT

Logo product category

  • Your company logo with your selected product categories
  • Enables you to stand out from the mass of companies in the product categories
  • Steers the attention of users directly to your products

Tip: If you book the animated logo in addition, your online entry will also stand out from the crowd!

Price: € 105,– (per product category) plus VAT
Graphic: catalogue content

Communication data package for all ordered product categories

  • A short entry in the product categories can easily get lost in the general mass. Consequently, make use of the opportunity of clearly emphasising your entry through the booking of the communication data package (complete address, telephone, telefax, e-mail and homepage)
  • Interested parties do not first have to search for your contact data and can contact you directly

Tip: Also reserve a logo in the product categories in order to emphasise your most important products!

Price: € 90.– plus VAT
(book once, will appear under all of your ordered product categories)
Graphic: Advertisements in the catalogue


(Katalog und Programm-, Kongress- und Hallenführer)

  • Rücken Sie Ihr Unternehmen mit einer prominent platzierten Anzeige in den Fokus der Besucher
  • Anzeigenpositionen auf Inhalts- und Umschlagseiten machen Ihre Werbung zu einem unumgänglichen Eyecatcher

Tipp: Mit einem Skyscraper Banner im Portal pflegen Sie Ihr Image auch online!

Price: from € 950,– plus VAT

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