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As one of the leading suppliers of medical aids, such as compression stockings, bandages, ortheses, orthopaedic inserts and fitted prosthetic parts, Bauerfeind AG makes an important contribution to ensuring the quality of patient supplies. Doctors and specialized retailers can use high-quality products „Made in Germany“, in addition to mature therapeutic concepts for individual patient care of almost any part of the body.

Take the multiple award winning Train Active bandages, highly active medical insert systems, compression stockings with integrated skin care, innovative solutions in prosthetics, such as the JT 20* knee joint, or computer-backed measuring and cutting technologies, such as ScanCam* and GloboCAD: Patients the world over can be supplied with quality products and systems from Bauerfeind as best and as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive consultation and service and the Quality Partner Program organized for retailers in Germany complement the range available from Bauerfeind.

*on display at the Bauerfeind stall


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