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12/15/2016: Research for more autonomy

Intimate and social relationships are important for older adults in assisted living; Lack of appropriate clothing can hinder people with disabilities; Tabea Hosche - That's how she rolls; Women with dementia receive less medical attention; Neurorobotic hand exoskeleton restores grasp function to quadriplegics; Topic of the Month December: Touchdown: People with Down's syndrome teach
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12/01/2016: Experts for their own cause

Voices of children with disabilities should be heard; Chronically ill women underusing online self-care resources; Christine Tschuschner - That's how she rolls; Most nursing home patients refuse dental care during stay; Topic of the Month December: Experts for their own cause; mHealth interventions: no silver bullet for diabetes patients; Words matter when talking about Alzheimer's
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11/17/2016: Robot Paul assists while shopping

Care-O-bot4 celebrates its premiere as shopping assistant; 3D printing: customized insoles for diabetes patients; Christian Troger - That's how he rolls; Mild exercise helps improve activity level in older adults; Topic of the Month November: Inclusion in education and the workplace: school bench, lecture hall, executive office?; Maternal B12 deficiency may increase child's risk of type 2 diabetes
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11/03/2016: Inclusion in job and education

EU adopted a directive on the accessibility of websites and mobile apps; Better diabetic foot disease care would save taxpayers billions; Anouk Schmitt - That's how she rolls; Virtual experience gets the elderly to exercise; Paralympics: Petition calls for more events to be opened up for people with learning disabilities; Topic of the Month November; Children with autism over-diagnosed with ADHD
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10/202016: Documentary film about Multiple Sclerosis

Short walks after meals may prove important tool in managing diabetes; Can older adults with dementia continue to drive?; Laughter-based exercise program has health benefits; Lars Hemme - That's how he rolls; People with autism more likely to follow their heads; Osteoporosis remains undiagnosed and untreated; Topic of the Month October: The Federal Participation Law: hotly debated; REHACARE review
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10/06/2016: Review to REHACARE 2016

REHACARE Congress: "Building the quarter is a process"; Video: Exhibitors at REHACARE 2016; WCMX professional skater Aaron Fotheringham shows off cool stunts at the REHACARE skatepark; Photo gallery: REHACARE quite automobile; Stefanie Batzer - That's how she rolls; Topic of the Month October: Politics and legal issues
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15/09/2016: Care: Support for relatives and staff

Video: Hand in hand – Family caregivers and nursing services provide in-home care; We asked: Concept for caregiver workload relief: "Empathy is a fundamental part of being human"; How we roll: Meike Mittmeyer-Riehl; Topic of the Month: Eating and drinking: daily living aids that make life easier; News: Inclusive education for children with muscle-wasting conditions
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01/09/2016: Auxiliary means for anyone

Topic of the Month September: Auxiliary means for anyone; NIST study provides voice for evacuation needs of mobility impaired; Telemedicine could improve eye exam access for people with diabetes; Sensor systems identify senior citizens at risk of falling within 3 weeks; Recommended blood pressure targets for diabetes are being challenged; Arne Schöning - That's how he rolls; Exhibitors News
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18/08/2016: Inclusive living made easy

Marit Müller - That's how she rolls; Early education benefits children with disabilities; Promising peer mentoring program for early career gero-nursing faculty; Topic of the Month August: Culturally sensitive care: "Treating people equally and fairly but not the same": Gaming camera could aid MS treatment; Working and volunteering could reduce disablement in seniors; Exhibitors News
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04/08/2016: Care: Never stop learning

Petra Wontorra - That's how she rolls; Smartwatch interface could help prevent falls at nursing homes; Virtual reality helps teens with autism learn how to drive; Topic of the Month August: Advanced training in care; Guidance System with 3D sounds for the visually impaired; Video: Mobility – accessible travel with public transportation; Australian study finds massive diabetic foot disease costs
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