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01/09/2016: Auxiliary means for anyone

Topic of the Month September: Auxiliary means for anyone; NIST study provides voice for evacuation needs of mobility impaired; Telemedicine could improve eye exam access for people with diabetes; Sensor systems identify senior citizens at risk of falling within 3 weeks; Recommended blood pressure targets for diabetes are being challenged; Arne Schöning - That's how he rolls; Exhibitors News
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18/08/2016: Inclusive living made easy

Marit Müller - That's how she rolls; Early education benefits children with disabilities; Promising peer mentoring program for early career gero-nursing faculty; Topic of the Month August: Culturally sensitive care: "Treating people equally and fairly but not the same": Gaming camera could aid MS treatment; Working and volunteering could reduce disablement in seniors; Exhibitors News
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04/08/2016: Care: Never stop learning

Petra Wontorra - That's how she rolls; Smartwatch interface could help prevent falls at nursing homes; Virtual reality helps teens with autism learn how to drive; Topic of the Month August: Advanced training in care; Guidance System with 3D sounds for the visually impaired; Video: Mobility – accessible travel with public transportation; Australian study finds massive diabetic foot disease costs
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07/21/2016: Computers that watch and describe movies

We asked: Will software automatically describe movie plots in the near future?; Kim Denise Hansmann - That's how she rolls; Topic of the Month July: Driver training for people with disabilities; News: Embedding of dementia care training; News: Nearly half of nursing home residents complete end-of-life care orders; News: Brief, simple test to screen for cognitive impairment in AD
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07/07/2016: Mobility: Self-determined on the go

Dublin airport wins Accessible Airport Award 2016; Marcella Becker - That's how she rolls; Extra 1,000 steps a day shows benefits for children with type 1 diabetes; For women, healthy diets may help with mobility when aging; Topic of the Month July: Mobility; Seniors with undiagnosed hearing loss can become isolated; Obesity linked to increased risk of multiple sclerosis
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23/06/2016: Robot caregivers: blessing or curse?

Video: REHACARE 2016: Self-determined living; Apparel causes additional barriers for people with disabilities; Heiko Mersch - That's how he rolls; Study highlights multiple factors of ADHD medication use; Diabetes more frequent in children with chronic rheumatic disease; Topic of the Month June: "I have a real chance of winning gold in Rio"; Exercise can help adults better cope with ADHD symptoms
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09/06/2016: Sport events from Germany to Rio

Videoconferencing between hospital clinicians, nursing home staff offers new dementia treatment; New low-cost workforce extends primary care to homes of older adults; Marcel Gerber - That's how he rolls; Nominations for the Access City Award 2017 are open; Topic of the Month June: Athletic competitions; Rights of UK disabled women in spotlight
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27/05/2016: Shopping for all generations

New survey shows that retirement includes work for many older Americans; Agnes Gebler - That's how she rolls; Rio 2016 takes Olympic and Paralympic sports to Rocinha favela; Uniforms for Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games unveiled; Topic of the Month May: Tourism: Auxiliary means for accessible travel; MS: Researchers find cause of deficit in body’s own immune system
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12/05/2016: Traveling without barriers

Building a better bionic hand; Portable device worn on eyeglasses might help people with low vision; Anna Siuda - That's how she rolls; Study session: Yes, we talked about sex!; Topic of the Month May: Accessible traveling; Rosemary aroma can help older adults to remember to do things; Improving primary healthcare for people with developmental disabilities
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28/04/2016: Wanted: Accessible medical practices

Researchers develop magnifying smartphone screen app for visually impaired; Annika Möller - That's how she rolls; Senior adults can see health benefits from dog ownership; Scientific study with German long jumper Markus Rehm is planned; Topic of the Month: Accessible online shopping; Strength training helps older adults live longer; Alzheimer: Problems finding your way around may be earliest sign
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