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Robot Paul assists while shopping

Dear Sir or Madam,

His name is Paul and he is a Care-O-bot of the fourth generation. His predecessors are mostly used in hospitals and care facilities. However, Paul is now active in retail industry and has just been celebrating his premiere as shopping assistant .

Enjoy reading!

Nadine Lormis
Editorial Team

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Auxiliary Means

Care-O-bot 4 celebrates its premiere as shopping assistant

In January 2015, Fraunhofer IPA presented a prototype of the "Care-O-bot 4" service robot. The charming helper is now proving its worth in the real world. "Paul" the robot has been greeting customer in Saturn-Markt Ingolstadt since the end of October 2016 and directing them towards their desired products.
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Auxiliary Means

3D printing: customized insoles for diabetes patients

In the past, insoles for patients with diabetes were hand-made by orthopedic shoemakers. In the future, these specialist shoemakers will be able to produce insoles more cost-effectively thanks to new software and the use of 3D printers. This approach means the mechanical properties of each insole can be assessed scientifically and more effectively.
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Christian Troger - That's how he rolls

How we roll

Photo: Christian Troger; Copyright: Patrick Sommeregger-Baurecht
People need clear goals for life, says Christian Troger. Therefore his goal is to motivate and inspire others. Everything that is important for him he tries to realize – in professional or private life. He informs us about the legal situation for disabled people in Austria and what he would like to change, he tells us on
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Recreation & Culture

Exercise and healthy diets associated with better cognitive functioning

Findings published this week in the Journal of Public Health reveal that both younger and older Canadian adults who engage in regular physical activity, consume more fruits and vegetables and are normal weight or overweight have overall better cognitive functioning.
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Recreation & Culture

Mild exercise helps decrease pain and improve activity level in older adults

Researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) found that a low-impact exercise program in senior centers in New York City's Chinatown and Flushing, Queens communities helped decrease pain, improve mobility and enhance quality of life for many participants.
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Inclusion in education and the workplace: school bench, lecture hall, executive office?

Topic of the Month November

Photo: Teacher standing behind a girl at the computer; Copyright: Michaudeau
According to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, children with disabilities should have access to an inclusive education. But the reality often appears to be very different. What is the next step after school? Vocational training, university studies or sheltered workshop after all? The wants and needs still differ greatly from what our society is currently permitting.
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Women & Kids

Poor children with epilepsy may face social hurdles

In a population-based Canadian study of children with epilepsy, each of whom had access to universal health care, those from poor families had the same medical course and remission rate as their wealthier counterparts, but they had a less favorable social outcome as adults.
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Women & Kids

Maternal B12 deficiency may increase child's risk of type 2 diabetes

B12 deficiency during pregnancy may predispose children to metabolic problems such as type-2 diabetes, according to research presented today at the Society for Endocrinology's annual Conference in Brighton. These findings could lead to a review of current vitamin B12 requirements for pregnant women, whether through an improved diet or supplements.
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