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Wearable tech helps adults with autism manage anxiety


Reflecting back on incidents can help people manage their anxiety – though, traditional reflection aids such as written diaries are often abandoned. However, wearable technology could provide the solution.
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Photos capture challenges for teens with autism, show animals as resource


Now, new studies from the University of Missouri, found that through use of photographs, adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were able to share their accounts of difficulties transitioning out of school, their struggles with socialization and how they use animals as a source of companionship.
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Photo: Family with a child plays in the pod; Copyright: University of Kent

Unlocking the languages of autistic children in families


Researchers at the University of Kent are arguing that creativity and intermedial languages can be used as a bridge to communicate with autistic children.
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Image: An adolescent boy uses a driving simulator; Copyright: Michael Todd, Vanderbilt University

Virtual reality helps teenagers with autism learn how to drive


Astronauts and pilots use them. So do truck drivers and Formula One race-car drivers. Now there is a virtual reality simulator specifically designed to help teenagers with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, learn how to drive.
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Image: Two researchers are sitting next to a small white robot; Copyright: ScienceRELATIONS

Social robots - programmable by everyone


The social robots of the startup LuxAI can be used, for example, in the educational or health system, where they would support trainers and therapists in their work. The robots can be programmed to practice vocabulary with children or to make rehabilitation exercises with stroke patients.
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Dogs de-stress families with autistic children


Owning a pet dog reduces stress and significantly improves functioning in families who have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), new research has shown.
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Customers with disabilities demand diverse accessible concepts


Let’s assess the situation: we asked around the social networks. What do people with different types of disabilities experience day-to-day when they go shopping? We wanted to find out what barriers they encounter, how they deal with them and what they expect from the retail industry.
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