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City living can make asthma worse for poor children, study finds


Results of a new study by Johns Hopkins researchers using national data add to evidence that living in inner cities can worsen asthma in poor children. They also document persistent racial/ethnic disparities in asthma.
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One in 4 elderly Australian women have dementia


At least a quarter of Australian women over 70 will develop dementia according to University of Queensland researchers. The researchers used a new technique to provide an up-to-date estimate for dementia in the Australian population. Dr Michael Waller from the UQ School of Public Health said the nation's population was aging, but there was conflicting information being presented.
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T cells in babies give clues to who will develop type 1 diabetes


The research group of Prof. Ezio Bonifacio, group leader and Director at the DFG-Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden, Cluster of Excellence at TU Dresden, and group leader at DZD-Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden, introduces a new understanding of cellular mechanisms occurring in babies having a high risk of developing type 1 diabetes.
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One in three parents of a child with a learning disability is in a distressed relationship


Parents who have a child with a learning disability are facing unnecessary pressures on their relationships. This is according to a new report, which finds that one in three of these parents is in a relationship which would be described in the counselling room as 'distressed'.
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