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MS Specialist Nurses Under Threat

MS Specialist Nurses Under Threat


The Multiple Sclerosis Society believes everyone affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) should have access to a MS specialist nurse. The society estimates that at least 300 MS nurses would be needed in the UK to make this dream come true.

The MS Society's Nurse Fund has invested over £4 million into more than 100 MS nurse and specialist posts across the UK since 1999, by working in partnership with the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry. This has brought the total number of MS nurses in post to more than 200 and they have really made a huge impact upon the care and services available for people affected by MS.

At the MS Society's Convention in Manchester the MS society asked people to tell us how their MS nurse made a difference to their lives; here are a few of their quotes:

  • "She gives me courage to keep going and fight the people who don't understand my condition."

  • "Is always available to give help and advice."

  • "She is our first port of call and always helps when we need it."

  • Despite these positive answers, the MS Society fears that some of those particular posts will be seen as 'soft targets' and therefore, vulnerable in the current NHS deficits' crisis.

    In April the MS Society, along with the Parkinson's Disease Society and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) held an emergency meeting at the RCN Congress at Bournemouth to highlight some of the risks to specialist posts and to inform Government that the voluntary sector will not sit back and let the money it has invested into the NHS be squandered.

    It also launched a joint publication 'Developing Integrated Health and Social Care Services for Long-Term Conditions', which aims to unravel the relationship between community matrons and specialist nurses.; Source: MS Society

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