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B.Braun: First production plant for enteral nutrition in Chile

B.Braun: First production plant for enteral nutrition in Chile

Braun Melsungen AG, B., Sparte OPM

SANTIAGO DE CHILE/MELSUNGEN. For many years, GHE-member B.Braun has taken an active part on the Chilean market and looks back to 23 years as a market leader in this country. On 25th April 2006, a new production plant for products of enteral nutrition was now officially opened.

With an investment volume of 3.5 million Euro and 136 employees at B.Braun in Chile, the new factory is B.Braun's worldwide expertise for developing products in the field of enteral nutrition centre at the same time. "I am very happy and proud that we could make this dream come true”, Roberto Oetiker, general manager of B.Braun's Chilean subsidiary. "In the future, we are developing products which settle the quality standards' claims on the world market.

In cooperation with B.Braun, nutrition experts from public and private universities already developed AND (Alimento Dietetico Nutricional) in 1983. Today, B.Braun offers a range of prescriptions in Chile. And the company exports to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, into the Asian-Pacific region and to Russia.

A distribution and logistics centre as well as the administration is integrated into the new production facility. This plant is also the first B.Braun Center of Excellence for manufacturing products of enteral nutrition worldwide.

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