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Carnival Goers should Protect their Hearing

Carnival Goers should Protect their Hearing


Revellers should protect their hearing at the Notting Hill Carnival from 27-28 August 2006. The Don't Lose the Music Campaign is recommending that carnival-goers wear earplugs and take other simple steps to enjoy the music more safely.

The national charity RNID runs the Don't Lose the Music campaign to increase awareness amongst music fans about the dangers of over exposure to loud music, so that they can continue to enjoy the music they love for longer.

Lisa McDonald, Campaigns officer for RNID's Don't Lose the Music campaign says: "People might think that earplugs are the last thing they want to take to the Notting Hill Carnival, but the music can reach in excess of 110dB - equivalent to the noise you would hear standing next to a pneumatic drill! You'll probably hear the music a lot clearer too because earplugs reduce the amount of high intensity noise you experience.

"Noise damage to hearing caused by excessively loud music adds up over the years. It's vital for all parents to protect their children's hearing from an early age. Tiny ears are even more susceptible to damage from intense high frequency sounds so it's particularly important to protect them during Children's Day at the Carnival on Sunday."

Carnival-goers can also follow a few easy steps to protect themselves against potential hearing damage. RNID urges revellers to stand away from loud speakers. Take regular breaks from the music to give your ears a rest.

Reusable earplugs are available to buy for around £10 - £15 from a number of stockists. Musicians' earplugs are also available from specialist suppliers for around £150.; Source: RNID

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