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Work & Education


Living a self-determined life through Personal Assistance

If you want to live an independent life, you sometimes have to take advantage of assistance services. What might perhaps sound contradictory to some, is obvious for many persons with disabilities: Personal Assistants make it possible for them to life a self-determined life. And once you have used this service, you won’t want to be without it anymore.Living a self-determined life through Personal Assistance - Read more

Inclusion is a human right – around the world

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) was adopted at the end of 2006 by the United Nations General Assembly and took effect in 2008. But what is the situation like after seven years? What countries are implementing inclusion, which is requested in the CRPD and anchored as a human right and in what form? Here is an overview.Inclusion is a human right – around the world - Read more

First Case on Personal Assistance at the European Court of Human Rights

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[14/05/2014] The European Network of Independent Living (ENIL) welcomes the first complaint concerning access of disabled people to personal assistance submitted to the European Court of Human Rights. The case of Radi v. Romania, submitted earlier this month, challenges the manner in which personal assistance is provided to people with disabilities.First Case on Personal Assistance at the European Court of Human Rights - Read more

High-tech Tools to Study Autism

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[28/09/2012] Researchers in Georgia Tech's Center for Behavior Imaging have developed two new technological tools that automatically measure relevant behaviors of children, and promise to have significant impact on the understanding of behavioral disorders such as autism.High-tech Tools to Study Autism - Read more

Nurses Examine Caregiver Grief

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[26/09/2012] Family members who care for terminally ill patients at home can be helped by nurses throughout the course of the illness and particularly after the patient's death, according to Penn State nursing researchers.Nurses Examine Caregiver Grief - Read more

Robotic Assistance for The Elderly

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[03/08/2012] A team of EU-funded researchers has developed a robotic companion and intelligent home environment that could help elderly people live richer and more independent lives and reduce the burden placed on healthcare services.Robotic Assistance for The Elderly - Read more


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