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Only Some Pounds Could Improve Quality of Life

Only Some Pounds Could Improve Quality of Life

Millions of older people haven't had a holiday for five years, new survey finds.

Excluding visits with family and friends, one in four older people have not had a holiday for more than five years according to new research. Eating out is also out of reach for many UK pensioners with nearly one in 10 admitting they have not had a meal out for over a year.

Help the Aged is challenging the Government to improve the lives of millions of UK pensioners by tackling pensioner poverty once and for all. £4.5 billion in benefits for older people goes unclaimed each year. The Charity is calling for Council Tax Benefit, Housing Benefit and Pension Credit to be paid automatically so older people don’t have to go through the complicated process of making claims for money that is theirs by right.

The Help the Aged research also reveals that an extra £5 a week - just over 70 pence a day – would make a real difference to three fifths of older people. Some people said they would buy more food; One tenth of pensioners (8 per cent) regularly depend on family and friends to help them out financially.

Anna Pearson, policy manager at Help the Aged, says: 'Some people wrongly assume that retirement is all about living the good life, jetting off around the world and generally having a great time. But the daily reality for millions of older people is very different. It’s deplorable that one in 10 older people are forced to depend on financial hand-outs from loved ones and can’t go out for a simple meal out once a year.

The Government has implied to us that older people aren’t bothered about claiming small amounts such as £5 a week. But this new research clearly shows this claim to be untrue. A fiver might not seem like a lot of money for some people but it could help three in five older people.‘; Source: Help the Aged

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