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Kate Jopling Is 'Public Affairs Achiever of The Year'

Kate Jopling Is 'Public Affairs Achiever of The Year'

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Kate Jopling, head of public affairs for Help the Aged, received a national Public Affairs Achiever of the Year award. It recognised her work for the Charity driving life-changing amendments to Government policy and protecting the rights of older people.

The award was accepted by Kate at the Dods & Scottish Widows Women in Public Life Awards, at Westminster on 27 February. Kate says: “I am passionate about the work I do alongside so many inspiring people, young and old, to fight for a better deal for all of us in later life.

“Sadly disadvantage among older people is all too widespread, and age discrimination is rife. Too many older people are pushed aside from society, forced to rely on meagre pensions and second rate public services which don't meet their needs and which foster dependency. As a result we all miss out on the enormous contribution that older people can make to our communities.

“We need to persuade politicians that failing to listen to the voices of older people is a profound error, not just politically but for the future of our country. With an ageing population none of us can afford to ignore the challenges and opportunities this presents.”

On the role of women in public life, Kate adds: “In my job I have the privilege of working with many inspiring women politicians, but sadly there are still far too few of them. Shockingly only a fifth of MPs and a seventh of Peers are women. Women have a proud record in public life in ensuring a place on the political agenda for issues such as carer’s rights and women's pensions. These debates are central to the challenge of adapting to an ageing population.'

The Award judges recognised her many achievements at Help the Aged including her tireless work to help close a loophole in the Human Rights Act. The loophole leaves about half a million of the most vulnerable older people in private and voluntary care homes without recourse to protection under the Human Rights Act.

Paul Cann, director of policy and external relations at Help the aged said: 'This award is a well earned reflection of all the hard work Kate and our public affairs team have done this past year. Without the skill and dedication of people like Kate, it would be much more difficult to get older peoples issues on the public agenda. I hope that this award is seen by decision makers as a reflection of how effective Help the Aged is at standing up for our older population.'; Source: Help the Aged

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