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How we roll...!

"How we roll...!"

What makes other people actually happy in life? If you ever wondered, you have come to the right place. talks with a variety of people about happiness, desires and life itself.


Software development without barriers

Photo: Young man with visual impairment at the computer [08/04/2015] The demand for information technology experts is high – qualified applicants are wanted everywhere. The IT sector also offers good employment opportunities for instance in software development teams for persons with visual impairment. The Study Centre for the Visually Impaired (SZS) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will now improve the access to software development.Software development without barriers - Read more

"Many people underestimate the economic impact of accessible tourism in Europe"

[01/04/2015] There is a market for accessible travelling in Europe. Yet it only grows very slowly. But actually there is a huge demand, like a study has recently proved. So what do people with access needs really require? And what does the travel industry have to offer – already today and in future?"Many people underestimate the economic impact of accessible tourism in Europe" - Read more

Self-determined traveling with disabilities?!

[01/04/2015] What do people with disabilities experience when they plan their vacation? How well do they cope when they are traveling? And what exactly do they want? Questions upon questions. asked around.Self-determined traveling with disabilities?! - Read more

Traveling with disabilities: Vacation without limits

[01/04/2015] You need to be mobile if you want to travel. A fact that also applies to persons with disabilities. Yet the choices for accessible travel are slim. Oftentimes things also don’t work out because of inadequate service and poorly trained staff. That’s why the Weitsprung travel agency in Marburg, Germany, made it their mission to make travel dreams come true for everyone.Traveling with disabilities: Vacation without limits - Read more

Survey on accessible tourism

Photo: Wheelchair access to the beach [25/03/2015] An MBA student at the Tallinn University of Technology has launched a survey researching the currently available processes of hotel booking for travellers with access needs in Europe.Survey on accessible tourism - Read more

March 2015: Accessible construction

[02/03/2015] Public as well as private buildings are still usually not sufficiently designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. But the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities also includes this aspect for the purpose of inclusion. What has to be thought of concerning accessible construction, you will get to know in our Topic of the Month March.March 2015: Accessible construction - Read more

"Inclusive housing is possible"

[02/03/2015] Accessible construction plays an important role in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Exclusionary solutions are not accepted. Instead, there are requirements for aesthetics and simultaneous functionality and self-determination. Yet they have only made their way into construction practices in a limited fashion."Inclusive housing is possible" - Read more

A different perspective on accessible construction

[02/03/2015] Is the access ramp too steep? Does two centimeters really make a difference when it comes to a threshold? Architects and city planners are always confronted with these types of questions. If they don’t have any disabilities themselves, they tend to quickly render the wrong verdict. This is why construction decision makers, who can assess barriers based on their own experience, are in great demand.A different perspective on accessible construction - Read more


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