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How we roll...!

"How we roll...!"

What makes other people actually happy in life? If you ever wondered, you have come to the right place. talks with a variety of people about happiness, desires and life itself.


Constantin Grosch - That's How He Rolls

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Photo: Constantin Grosch; linked to [23/07/2014] Disabled people should have the same rights in handling their income and their asset. Constantin Grosch does not just share this opinion, he also supports it actively. He is committed in this idea politically and professionally. Constantin Grosch wants to fly high! On he talks about developing a small aircraft which also can be flown by people with and without disabilities. Constantin Grosch - That's How He Rolls - Read more

"Adult siblings sooner or later ask the same questions"

Photo: Sascha Velten with his brother Marcel [17/07/2014] For Sascha Velten, one thing went without saying even when he was a child: as a result of cerebral palsy and tetra spasticity, his younger brother Marcel garnered special attention in their family. Today, the former child sibling Sascha has grown up and together with other like-minded people now offers other adult siblings the chance to exchange views and support one another."Adult siblings sooner or later ask the same questions" - Read more

Susanne Voss - That's How She Rolls

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Photo: Susanne Voss; linked to [16/07/2014] Do what makes you and others happy! Dance! Under that motto Susanne Voss runs as one of plenty volunteers the "Traumdisco-Berlin" – an inclusive disco. On she talks about her astute son with Down’s syndrome who cheerfully dances through his life and how she would like to create her own inclusive meeting place out of her "idea stew".Susanne Voss - That's How She Rolls - Read more

June 2014: Mobility for all

[02/06/2014] An inclusive society needs accessible mobility solutions. For people with disabilities such conditions are often not given. Whether local or longdistance traffic – spontaneous and independent travelling is often weary and complicated. What the status quo concerning mobility looks like in Germany and other countries, you will get to know in our Topic of the Month June: Mobility for all.June 2014: Mobility for all - Read more

Mobility is (not) a matter of course

[02/06/2014] Going by bus, train or using your own car? Many people, who want to be or have to be mobile, ask themselves this question. People with disabilities usually do not make this decision easily and rarely spontaneously. After all, every means of transportation has its drawbacks, when it comes to independent mobility. Here is a brief summary.Mobility is (not) a matter of course - Read more

Mobility: "Germany needs laws for inclusion and accessibility"

[02/06/2014] Quickly hopping on the underground or taking a taxi to get from A to B? For wheelchair users this is generally not possible without a great deal of planning – at least in Germany. But how are things in other countries?Mobility: "Germany needs laws for inclusion and accessibility" - Read more

World MS Day 2014: Access for everybody

Photo: MS awareness [28/05/2014] The World MS Day on May 28 unites MS organizations globally and raises awareness of multiple sclerosis and those living with MS to improve public understanding and support that will move us closer a world free of MS.World MS Day 2014: Access for everybody - Read more

Landscape Architect Designs Toolkit to Make Cities Inclusive of Adults with Autism

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Photo: Public station [02/05/2014] Kansas State University landscape architecture student Elizabeth Decker has a goal for her master's research: help professionals create urban environments that are inclusive of her younger brother, Marc. Marc has autism and will soon reach adulthood.Landscape Architect Designs Toolkit to Make Cities Inclusive of Adults with Autism - Read more


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