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Women & Kids

Women & Kids


Things are happening at the theater: DIE ECKIGEN

Twice a week the theater company members of DIE ECKIGEN are rehearsing for their latest play. How creative and chaotic at once this can be? had a look at their working process right on site.Things are happening at the theater: DIE ECKIGEN - Read more

Accessible holiday – Interview with Munich Projects

Mobility and accessibility are very important for people with disability and senior citizens – not only in everyday life, but also on vacation. At REHACARE 2015, we are talking to Mr. Kirsch and Mr. Yalçın from the Munich ProjectsGmbH about vacation in Turkey.Accessible holiday – Interview with Munich Projects - Read more

Elegant and cool: Fashion at REHACARE 2015

Clothes express your mood and your personality. Especially people with disabilities want them not only to be functional. And more and more designers and companies want to meet exactly this wish. What they emphasize and with what kind of ideas they want to breathe new life into the fashion market? We asked around at this year’s REHACARE.Elegant and cool: Fashion at REHACARE 2015 - Read more

Impressions from the halls

REHACARE trade fair is colourful, full of diversity and inclusive. So we started out for the halls and went hunting with our camera to catch this year’s highlights of the trade fair.Impressions from the halls - Read more

Braille mobile – Interview with dot Inc.

The young company dot Inc. presents a wearable device for visually impaired people at REHACARE 2015 that helps to make Braille accessible.Braille mobile – Interview with dot Inc. - Read more

Exhibitors of REHACARE 2015

Companies from all over the world come to REHACARE in Düsseldorf every year to present their newest products and services. We have asked the exhibitors why they are happy to return to the trade fair every year.Exhibitors of REHACARE 2015 - Read more

Hybrids on the roll - Interview with Desino GmbH

A suitable wheelchair is very important especially for active people. Who wants to drive longer distances may benefit from a so called hybrid wheelchair. Two levers can be operated in order to get enough momentum for difficult routes. The Cologne-based company Desino GmbH has brought their model to REHACARE 2015. Hybrids on the roll - Interview with Desino GmbH - Read more

Voices of REHACARE 2015

Welcome to REHACARE 2015. Once again this year, the trade fair will present everything necessary for self-determined living. We have asked the visitors what they want to see at this year's REHACARE.Voices of REHACARE 2015 - Read more

Protect Your Heads!

Currently, it is probably one of the most well-known cases of a concussion in Germany – the professional soccer player Christoph Kramer, who, after a collision during the World Cup finals will never be able to remember possibly the most important match of his career. After the referee was asked if this game was the finals, the impartial ref was in favor of substituting the German player.Protect Your Heads! - Read more

Para dressage – The German national team trains for the EC 2015

The German para dressage national team provides some insights into the world of equestrian sports for people with disabilities. What is the essence of this sport? And where are the struggles of supporting this discipline in Germany? During the training for the European Championships, the riders and coaches talked openly about all this and present their really fit sport partner and friend horse.Para dressage – The German national team trains for the EC 2015 - Read more


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