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We present theatre projects by actors with a disability and special productions accessible for handicapped people.


The National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped (NTWH)

NTWH is has campuses in New York City and Belfast, Maine and wants to provide disabled people with communication skills necessary to pursue a life in professional theatre and enhance their opportunities in the workplace. In addition to professional academic instruction in acting, music, dance, playwriting, theatre management and more, NTWH teaches students how to present themselves off the stage as well.

Amaryllis Theatre Company

The Amaryllis Theatre Company is the VSAarts affiliate of VSAarts International, working to create programs to include all people in the arts. Amaryllis is a professional company producing new forms of theatre to encourage a sense of community by bringing artists and audiences from the most diverse community spectrum possible. They provide a range of services including audio description, ADA consultancy, captioning and ASL services and other forms of access for the arts.

International Visual Theater (IVT)

The International Visual Theatre is based in Paris, France and has received much positive attention in the media with its plays since at IVT deaf and hearing people stage and work together. IVT also organises international workshops for deaf people. They presented their plays during tours inEurope and the US. But the group does not only focus on acting, they are also working to advance and improve french and internal sign language.

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