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Most Recent Videos

Most recent videos


Para dressage – The German national team trains for the EC 2015

The German para dressage national team provides some insights into the world of equestrian sports for people with disabilities. What is the essence of this sport? And where are the struggles of supporting this discipline in Germany? During the training for the European Championships, the riders and coaches talked openly about all this and present their really fit sport partner and friend horse.


Animal apprentice: Assistance dog in training

Assistance dogs help people with very different disabilities in their everyday life. Therefore it is important for them to be well prepared for all their tasks in advance. accompanied a soon-to-be assistance dog with the camera during his training.


REHACARE 2015: Self-determined living

Welcome to the leading trade fair on "Self-determined living"! Welcome to the REHACARE International in Düsseldorf!


Human rights worldwide - On the road in the name of inclusion

In Germany, people with disabilities fight for the improvement of services and participation. But in many other countries it’s all about bare survival. That is one of the conclusions Dennis Klein made when he met people with disabilities worldwide.


Dancing with dementia – You don’t forget your lust for living

People with and without dementia dance together in a dancing school: "We dance again!" is a project where step sequences do not matter, but the fun of moving does. Because: Everybody can dance!


Simply awesome – On a visit in a living community

These days everybody is talking about inclusion. But the living community Brücke Krücke in Bonn, Germany, has a much longer history of being inclusive. REHACARE.comhad a look on site.


Satisfied exhibitors at REHACARE 2014

More than 900 exhibitors presented their products and services at REHACARE 2014. We asked some of them how they enjoyed the fair this year.


From the hot sand to the cooling water

The feeling of an insatiable desire to travel surely is known by each of us. For people with disabilities traveling often is a big challenge. We were on the REHACARE trade fair 2014 to inform us about accessible travel options and aids.


Verena Bentele at the REHACARE 2014

The German Federal Government Commissioner for the Disabled visited the REHACARE this year. On her way through the halls she took also time for an interview with


Voices from the REHACARE 2014

Visitors of the REHACARE are looking forward to the tradefair this year. We asked them what they looking for in the halls.


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