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Most Recent Videos

Most recent videos


Self-determined mobility thanks to driver’s license

Being mobile and flexible is very important for people with disabilities. A driver’s license and an individually customized car offer autonomy and therefor can be the optimum solution.

REHACARE 2014: Self-determined living

Welcome to the leading trade fair on "Self-determined living"!
Welcome to the REHACARE International in Düsseldorf!

Together strong at the Special Olympics

Living inclusion – at the Olympic Games for People with Learning Disabilities (so-called "intellectual disabilities") Special Olympics exactly this happened. People with and without disability compete together in athletic competitions and most of all enjoy sports and being together. was on site.

Inclusion Inclusive: Working in an Integration Institution

Bringing people together in new ways – The employees of Haus Müllestumpe live according to this motto. Seven among the 20 employees have learning difficulties (also called mentally impairment). had a look over their shoulder.

Sports with Handicap: From the Clouds into the Halfpipe

Nothing is impossible. Not even in sports. They are floating through the air or demonstrating tricks in the halfpipe – Claudia Breidbach and David Lebuser show that their physical limitations will not stop them from being venturous in sports.

Stroke – And Life Goes On

Suddenly everything is different: With a stroke the whole life changes. After extensive rehabilitation many patients are ready for a new life. For they have to move on – even if their daily routine will change.

Over Hedge and Ditch: Wheelchair Travelling Abroad

When wheelchair users travel, they want to be far away more and more. By now, this is possible in many countries because they are widely accessible. But Andreas Pröve does not need any accessibility. On his journeys he prefers looking for the real big challenges.

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