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January 2012: The Hard Fate of Multiple Disabilities

Topic of the Month January


The Hard Fate of Multiple Disabilities

Photo: Mrs Putze and Tim

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Suffering from one kind of disability is bad enough. However, it is a fact that most handicaps do come along with others. In our Topic of the Month January we show you mothers fighting for their children who share “The Hard Fate of Multiple Disabilities”.


If on a battlefield the opponents attack from all sides, the fight seems hopeless. Like this battle a mother has been fighting for her multi-handicapped daughter for many years. However, she will certainly not give up!

Fighting at Many Fronts

No matter whether it is basketball or musicals – the son of Ulrike Putze gets enthusiastic about big events of every kind. So she tries to allow him visiting such events over and over again. Nothing unusual? Maybe at least a little bit: Tim is bound to a wheelchair on account of a multiple disability.

Mother of a Multiple Handicapped Son: "One Should Not Hide at Home"

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