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March 2012: Conflicts in Care

Topic of the Month March


Conflicts in Care

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Whether forcible encroachments or illegal employment of nursing staff – there are more problems in geriatric care than most people suppose. Many conflicts originate from ignorance, excessive demand or financial difficulties. Our Topic of the Month March shows you how to solve „Conflicts in Care“.


In Germany there often are home helpers from abroad who are occupied illegally. Especially at older people’s homes who need support in everyday life. The reason: Opportunities of legal employment are often unknown, too expensive or juridically shaky. This must change as affected people and experts underline.

Home Help for Senior Citizens: Legal Employment Must Become Easier

Senior citizens in need of care become more and more often victims of violent encroachments. Potential culprits are informal caregivers or the nursing staff. What affected people should do and how such situations can be avoided – the experts of a Germany-wide emergency call advice centre in Bonn know it.

Violence in Care: "It Starts with a Mean Word and Ends with Murdering“

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