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Ottmar Miles-Paul - That´s How He Rolls

Ottmar Miles-Paul - That´s How He Rolls

What makes other people actually happy in life? If you ever wondered, you have come to the right place. In regular intervals asks a varity of people always the same questions. What results from that? Read for yourself!


Photo: Man in a suit and red tie

Ottmar Miles-Paul; © private

Name: Ottmar Miles-Paul
Age: 47
City: Mainz, Germany
Occupation: Commisioner for the disabled in Rhineland-Palatinate
Handicap: visually impaired and hearing disabled

The equality and self-determination of disabled people is the big goal of the commissioner for the disabled. talked with him about playing „Doppelkopf“, his fear of a crisis in Germany and about how all people can live well and happily. When did you last laugh heartily and what about?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: Luckily I laugh often because I am surrounded by nice people. At the end-of-year review of Urban Priol I always laugh very much. What is your favourite place? And why?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: In Kassel, when i play „Doppelkopf“ with my long-term game partners because recently I have been winning often. The last meal in my life would be…
Ottmar Miles-Paul: Cream spinach with mashed potatoes and boiled eggs, all mashed together. Which person has influenced you most?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: My teacher, who has opened doors to a higher graduation for me and who unfortunately does not live anymore. Is there something you should throw away, but won’t?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: My ties, I have never understood their deeper meaning but I have to wear them once in a while. If you were to win one million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: Invest it, so that I am financially independent and so that i can stand up for what I think is important. Which moment of your life would you like to relive?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: The birth of my son.

Photo: Pack of cards in a hand

Ottmar Miles-Paul likes to play “Doppelkopf” with his long-term game partners to relax;
© Kondrachov I would like to be …
Ottmar Miles-Paul: … in the television series „Lindenstraße“. What are you fed up about?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: About colds and the red nose you get from, which my allergy is responsible for. How can you relax the best?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: By playing „Doppelkopf“ and in the Black Forest. I enjoy listening to music by …
Ottmar Miles-Paul: Udo Lindenberg Which questions would you like answered the most?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: How do we get to distribute all these resources and abilities in this world, so that we all can live well and generally happily? What are you most afraid of?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: Of getting into a big crisis in Germany and that the human rights no longer apply. What else would you like to accomplish in life?
Ottmar Miles-Paul: That my involvement for the equality and self-determination of disabled people won’t be needed anymore.


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