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Benefit Night: Sex, Plugs and Rock 'n' Roll with Black Maria

Benefit Night: Sex, Plugs and Rock 'n' Roll with Black Maria

Although Black Mariah have joined the ever-growing group of musicians, they are still committed to aware of the damage that listening to loud music for too long can do. They organised a benefit night for RNID's "Don't Lose the Music” Campaign.



Fresh from their success at headlining the Virgin Megastore unsigned bands showcase on John Peel Day last week, Black Mariah are gearing up for their gig. They have organised a benefit night, which will feature sets from two other London bands, plus DJs at the exclusive Cobden Club in Notting Hill on Friday 21October. The gig will raise money for RNID's "Don't Lose the Music” Campaign, which aims to increase awareness amongst music fans about the dangers of over exposure to loud music.

Mark, vocalist, Black Mariah said: "When you're practising and playing gigs regularly you clock up hours and hours next to speakers at crazy volumes and you have no idea the damage that you can do to your hearing. Black Mariah decided to organise this night for Don't Lose the Music because music is the most important thing in our lives."

Lisa McDonald, Campaigns Officer, RNID, said: "It's great Black Mariah have organised this night and that more and more musicians are getting the message that listening to music for long and too loudly will damage your ears permanently. I love music and have been going to gigs for years and have developed tinnitus as a result. I'll be there on October 21, wearing my earplugs so I can enjoy the music, but not damage my hearing further."

Don't Lose the Music is supported by a number of musicians and celebrities including: Moby, Pink Floyd, Embrace, Sir George Martin, Lemar, DJ Jon Carter, The Darkness, David Grey, Roger Daltrey, Pete Waterman, Emma B (Radio 1), Dr Mark Hamilton (Radio 1) and The Cooper Temple Clause. RNID launched the campaign and suggested to enjoying music by taking regular breaks, standing away from speakers and using chill out areas.

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