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baasbuilding building contractors
123, Plapouta Ave., Neo Iraklio
14121 Athens, Greece

Phone: +30-210-2838071
Fax: +30-210-2838072

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Green House


Green House

It involves a house of low energy consumption (green house), that requires small amounts of energy for heating or cooling. The perimeter insulation of the exterior walls, the roof and the basement floor insulation create excellent conditions for thermal comfort inside.
To this advantage assists the aluminum hit control switch and the double glazing with energy coating on the inside.

Meanwhile, solar roof panels for hot water production improve the energy footprint of the house in the environment.
This type of house (green house) fully meets the requirements of K.EN.AK (Regulation on the energy performance of a building).
The frame is of conventional construction, reinforced concrete, calculated according to the New Seismic EAK2003 and the walls are consisted of brick and plaster.


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access house


Access House

The Accessible House is constructed with specific standards to be fully accessible to people with mobility difficulties.

baasbuilding is certified by TUV Rheinland Hellas and certifies houses been built by the company baasbuildin according to the specification

"House Friendly to Environment and to Accessibility (HFEA)".

The HFEA specification is a framework of requirements concerning to the suitability of houses used by people with special needs.

Tha certification cover all stages from design to completion of construction.

Attention has been paid to the entrance, the bathrooms, the kitchens and to details in other areas of the house so that it is perfectly safe and functional.
The access house is the culmination of long and thorough studies and partnerships of baasbuilding with specialized companies and organizations in people with disabilities abroad, from Germany and Sweden.
This type of dwelling meets perfectly the modern architectural requirements for custom houses "to all generations" and is consistent with the strong current architectural movement called «universal design», which requires flexibility and foresight in the design of housing.
In baasbuilding we build the well-being... And the well-being is for everyone!


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hybrid house


Hybrid House

The Hybrid house produces at least 70% of the energy required for its operation by making the most of all the available renewable energy. For this reason, it is classified in the category of houses with almost zero energy consumption. With the Hybrid House the oil is useless, while costs of heating, cooling and the operation of a lot of devices are zero.

It disposes solar panels, energy windows, solar thermal system, bivalve outer wall, insulated basement and many other technical features that either produce energy or help the maintenance of thermal stability and comfort. In this way, significant energy savings can be achieved and therefore its total costs are reduced practically to the minimum.

In addition, the Hybrid House respects water resources, integrating the design of the biological pedestal and tank rainwater for watering the garden. The users can recycle organic waste with a compost system and collect plastic, paper and aluminum scrap for recycling into a special bin in the house.

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my Home


My Home

The luxury and comfort of living in your own house are concepts that every owner can interpret differently.
In baasbuilding we care to satisfy the most unique and special preferences of each client.

From the creation of a cellar to store wines in special temperatures and humidity, to the spa creation for the pet lovers.

From the creation of a gym for those who want to exercise at home, to the use of ecological colours for those who want to live as ecological as possible.
From the creation of home cinema to the pool and barbeque on the terrace of the house.

Because the well-being has no limits!


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