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Magazine: Year-round information portal on the topic of "Self-determined living"

Vanessa Lehnert – That's how she rolls
Vanessa Lehnert has been severely disabled since a traffic accident in her childhood. But even with her limitations, she is not dependent on help – and for that very reason often has to fight for acceptance. She would like to see more understanding in dealing with disabilities of all kinds. How else she rolls, she tells us on
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Katharina Parafieva – That's how she rolls
Katharina Parafieva lost both legs in an accident. Since then, she has been living with a wheelchair and prostheses. Getting out of her comfort zone and thinking positively were the most important steps for her to actively participate in life again. She tells what else is important to her.
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Inga H. – That's how she rolls
Thanks to her stoma, Inga can now live a largely normal life – free and without pain. She can go out with her dog, swim and soon do other sports again. But she had to fight hard for this and overcome many hurdles. She tells what these were and where she still experiences discrimination in public today.
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Elena Zubiaurre – That's how she rolls
Living with an invisible disability – Elena Zubiaurre knows how it feels. She lives with multiple sclerosis (MS). But strangers don't see it. That's why she would like society to be more careful and attentive. She tells which everyday aids and auxiliary means should also be invented and why home office and mandatory masks are a blessing for her.
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Dietmar Sen – That's how he rolls
Dietmar Sen doesn't want to have to hide or be ashamed of his weaknesses. His message: "Let's be authentic!" He tells which things he wishes for and what he misses from his youth.
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Inclusion in water sports: "Disability is no longer an issue once you get in the boat"
What does inclusive sailing entail? Just ask Elke Paatz. She practically grew up on a sailboat and has become disabled as the result of a sports accident. Paatz is the contact person for inclusive (adaptive) sailing on behalf of the German Sailing Federation (German: Deutscher Segler Verband), DSV.
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Ribcap: A weighted blanket to increase sleep and inclusion
A good night sleep contributes to a healthy life and a good mood. That is why equipment supporting and improving sleep quality is on the rise. Ribcap now developed a high-quality weighted blanket to increase not only sleep quality but also inclusion. The company targets an underrecognized group: people with different conditions that decrease their sleep quality.
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People with vision impairments: The Dot Pad bridges the information gap
The new Dot Pad is not only smaller and lighter, but also much cheaper than conventional tactile displays – making them more affordable and accessible for people with vision impairments. Dot Inc makes the online world of images more accessible and aims to improve other areas as well. In our interview the Senior Manager Mergel Takam talks about the advantages and technology behind the Dot Pad.
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Research and development: crash tests ensure safe design standards
When it comes to mobility, safety requirements take top priority. To drive research and development in this specific area, the company newly founded a research and development company, which operates separately from the successful car conversion entity. Its competence center for mobile safety opened its doors in 2021 in Apen, Germany.
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Mobile, more mobile, Mobili Kit: For more mobility into the narrowest corner
When mobility declines, the step up to a wheelchair can be very costly, both emotionally and organizationally. Benoit Systemes has found a solution here: With the Mobili Kit, you can still make a U-turn in even the smallest hallway – and in your own favorite chair. Tanya Veraksa told us about the advantages of the Mobili Kit and the story behind Benoit Systemes.
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Permobil white paper: Wheelchair power assist devices go beyond physical relief to offer more independent living
The new Permobil White Paper on Power Assist Devices (PADs) shows the impact of a PAD on all aspects of a person's life. It is based on a systematic literature review, interviews, and a survey of 125 people conducted by Permobil with international representation.
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Reducing barriers to aquatic exercise would benefit people with multiple sclerosis
Kessler Foundation Researchers conducted an online survey of 179 people with multiple sclerosis about their exercise activities from October 2020 to April 2021. The survey shows aquatic exercise preferred, finds pandemic-related decline in exercise activities.
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Computer tool can track stroke rehabilitation to boost recovery
A computer program equipped with sensors called PrimSeq can detect and count the arm movements of people in stroke rehabilitation. The research aims to find the optimal level of exercise intensity for recovery.
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Mobile shower commodes: Etac Clean with front-opened seat
In the new shower commode model of the company Etac, the seat can be opened to the front. It can be suitable for users who are able to reach more independently from the front, depending on their range of motion or personal preference.
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Mercur Innovation Award: 1st place for new leg prosthesis Kenevo
The Vienna Chamber of Commerce honors Ottobock as the most innovative company with Mercur Innovation Award. The new version of the Kenevo leg prosthesis, developed by an Austrian team, provides more safety and self-confidence with new technology.
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Snapping footwear to help prevent diabetic foot complications
Researchers have developed a set of unique self-regulating footwear for people with diabetes. The footwear is 3D printed and can be customized to an individual's foot dimensions and walking style.
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PARAVAN makes construction and agricultural machinery accessible
Thanks to PARAVAN retrofitting, Edmund Ödamer's most important work tool, the tractor, is now accessible. The cooperation between JOHN DEERE and PARAVAN is based on developing efficient mobility solutions so that people with physical impairments can be efficiently and purposefully reintegrated into the primary labor market.
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Deaf children with learning delays benefit from cochlear implants more than hearing aids
Keck Medicine of University of Southern California - Health Sciences study demonstrates the need for early cochlear implant use for deaf children, regardless of developmental impairments.
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THERA-Trainer develops music biofeedback
THERA-Trainer has developed a new music feedback called THERA-music. During training with a THERA-Trainer tigo, neurological or geriatric patients can change the musical accompaniment by being more active. The more active they are on the tigo, the more dynamic the music becomes.
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PARAVAN supports Ukrainian young woman with an electric wheelchair
The PARAVAN GmbH supports Ukrainian young woman with an electric wheelchair, so that she can be independently mobile in the future, without being dependent on outside help.
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Ottobock continues successful growth trajectory
The Ottobock company was able to continue its profitable course in 2021. Ottobock secured 170 additional patents in 2021. In addition, care processes are becoming more digital and sustainable in an uncertain geopolitical environment.
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Orthopaedic technology: Flexible patient care with container solution
The Ottobock company wants to provide better support for regions without orthopedic technical care with a mobile workshop for compact patient care. The container solutions are available in four different versions.
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Permobil and fashion brand Lou Dehrot show that diversity matters
Through a collaboration with fashion brand Lou Dehrot and designer Louise Linderoth, Permobil aims to challenge attitudes and reinforce the belief that fashion is about the wearer, not the viewer. The t-shirt designed by Louise Linderoth features the phrase: "My capability is not based on your assumption".
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Aphasia after stroke: when speaking is difficult
In the "HiSSS" project, Fraunhofer IDMT is making an important contribution to speech therapy after a stroke. Under the leadership of SpeechCare GmbH, Fraunhofer IDMT supports the recovery of verbal communication by means of machine learning techniques in collaboration with HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Bitnamic GmbH.
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Orthopedic technology: State of Lower Saxony wants to secure demand for skilled workers
In Lower Saxony, it has already been possible to complete the bachelor's and master's program "Orthobionics" at the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences Göttingen. Now the bachelor's program in Orthobionics is set to start in 2023. The orthobionics bachelor's program is being further developed in cooperation with Ottobock at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK).
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Scientific progress: the Össur and Ottobock Research Trust Fund
The "Össur and Ottobock Research Trust Fund" offers to support research projects that analyze the applicability of human-machine interfaces for the benefit of prosthesis users and thus further advance research in prosthetics.
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Permobil takes further steps towards a sustainable business
Permobil has published its first annual sustainability report. In the report, the company explains its long-term goals for each of its seven focus areas, as well as progress to date. It also includes the personal stories of two Permobil wheelchair users.
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HASE BIKES ramps up production and shortens lead times
HASE BIKES has commissioned a new production hall on the historical grounds of the former coal mine in Waltrop. Through linear assembly, HASE BIKES intends to increase production. With wheels from their own production, they want to become less dependent on external suppliers.
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QUICKIE Nitrum wins Red Dot Award
After other numerous awards the QUICKIE Nitrum® from Sunrise Medical has received the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2022 from Germany. The company also unveiled new tools with the launch of QUICKIE Nitrum, including the highly innovative 3D visualizer and the illustration tool with augmented reality technology.
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Ottobock successfully completes reinforcement with Livit
Ottobock has completed the acquisition of Livit B.V., one of the leading patient care companies in the Netherlands. Back in April, Ottobock had additionally strengthened its patient care network with another specialist in patient care, the Belgian company Orthomed, thus expanding its global network of care centers.
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Wheelchair trends 2021 – try and train for more mobility

Parasports in the time of Coronavirus – restart and reset on hold
To overcome the challenges resulting from the pandemic, sports clubs and associations had to get creative. Reinhard Schneider, Chairman of the Disabled and Rehabilitation Sports Association of North Rhine-Westphalia e. V., knows about the future challenges disability sports face due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on sports associations.
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Height-adjustable, versatile and adaptive – wheelchairs for kids
A wheelchair should fit your needs and support your life wherever it may take you. In theory, you can find the perfect model from many available options. But for one group of people, the choices are more limited – children. Meanwhile, they are the ones in dire need of assistive technology that helps them play with their friends and fosters their independence.
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Labor force participation of people with disabilities in the time of Coronavirus – opportunities and stumbling blocks
Not many of us are lucky enough to find our dream job and stay in it until the day we retire. Sometimes this might be due to health and medical reasons, which could necessitate occupational rehabilitation. If people have a severe disability, Germany’s Federal Integration Offices, or Inclusion Offices along with the pension insurance providers are the responsible authorities.
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Rollators: lightweight mobility aids with style
They used to have an image problem. But now, rollators or walkers, are anything but boring or stuffy. For many, they are treasured state-of-the-art companions for everyday life and a way to express their personality.
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The right assistive technology promotes active sports participation
Whether it’s activities in the water, snow or at home – exercise is a great way to boost your health and feel better. A wide range of assistive technology also makes this an option for people with physical disabilities or mild dementia. Some of these tools allow users to enjoy sports in spectacular, beautiful backdrops – in both winter and summer.
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Lionel Messi and OrCam: Enhancing self-determination in the lives of people with visual impairments
Off the soccer field, professional footballer Lionel Messi is known for his commercials for Pepsi, Lay's or Dolce & Gabbana. Now he has also become the brand ambassador for OrCam MyEye and shines a bright light on this unique assistive technology. Why did the two decide to form this rather unusual partnership?
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Crisis-proof: moso navigates confidently through the coronavirus pandemic
Years of business expertise, in-house production, and new personnel competency – the Motion Solutions GmbH is well-positioned to withstand the challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic and continues to offer its customers the best service. CEO Gierse discusses the role products like the COSEAT and EasyStand play in this setting and reveals the expectations the moso team has for the future.
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Accessible hiking in the mountains: The X8 off-road power wheelchair takes users to the top
From the valley to the hut in a wheelchair – and no shuttle bus or mountain railway required. Wheelchair manufacturer Sunrise Medical teamed up with various partners as part of a joint initiative to turn this idea into a reality.
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Joëlette Kid makes outdoor experiences more accessible
Going on new adventures with the whole family is fun for everybody. At least, if the necessary assistive devices meet the needs of their users. So does Joëlette Kid – the new all-terrain chair by Ferriol-Matrat. In an interview with, Alison-Lore Bourget told us about the special features and how especially the children react to their new possibilities.
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Mobility: Small hand control systems with a big effect
Simple, ergonomic, reliable – the multifunctional handles, ACCEL BIKE and ACCEL QUAD, enable improved participation in a mobile and self-determined life. What the two solutions have in common and yet differ, Pierre Gouraud, International Sales of Sojadis Equipement, reveals in an interview with
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EXTRA: Made to measure sports wheelchair for a better performance
Solid and adapted – this is how auxiliary means for competitive sports such as wheelchair basketball should be. That's why EXTRA wheelchairs from Turkey offers made to measure sports wheelchairs to professional sports people. talked to Demirhan Serefhan, Managing Director of EXTRA, about the importance of customization and valuable feedback directly from the basketball court.
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Photo gallery: A safe island for siblings
Since May 2020, the sibling support of the Angelika Reichelt Kinder- und Jugendhospizes Joshuas Engelreich (English: Angelika Reichelt Children and Youth Hospice) has been taking place in the newly created so called Geschwisterinsel (English: Sibling Island). You can gain a small insight in our photo gallery.
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