REHACARE 2019: Market of possibilities

Good reasons for REHACARE

Photo: Exhibitors in the field of adaptation of cars talking at REHACARE
Photo: Close-up of a woman wearing a hearing aid
Photo: Blue plastic head wearing virtual reality glasses
Photo: Man holding a hand prosthesis in his hand
Photo: Several trade visitors in suits talk to each other at REHACARE

Magazine: Year-round information portal on the topic of "Self-determined living"

Melanie Misiano – That's how she rolls
Why employee motivation would be one of her first official acts as Commissioner for the Disabled in Switzerland, and why shaping her thoughts positively in order to lead a happy life is helping her, Melanie Misiano tells us at
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Sabine Klemens – That's how she rolls
You're never too old to realize your dreams – finds Sabine Klemens.Why her travel destinations range from the Caribbean Sea via North and South America to a dog sled tour with overnight accommodation in an igloo and what the wheelchair model admires most about the answers of her "How We Roll" predecessors, she tells at
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Marion Heist – That's how she rolls
Live and let live – that is the motto of Marion Heist. Nobody should judge others and rather practice more acceptance. What makes her laugh, what she cares about and which strong personality has shaped her the most, she tells us on
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Cinderella Glücklich – That's how she rolls
Whether alone or in a team – the appropriate attitude is the be-all and end-all if you want to reach your goal. Cinderella Glücklich knows this from her own experience. Who she would first swear to the right team spirit and the necessary work ethic and which wishes and questions she deals with, she tells us on
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Ines Helke – That's how she rolls
With black clothes and white gloves Ines Helke stands on stage and performs – together with the sign language choir 'HandsUp'. Why one of the choir members had a special influence on her and what kind of visions she has concerning inclusion and participation, she tells us on
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Stroke: Digitalization of rehabilitation with Rewellio
Mobile devices like tablets can help people with rehabilitation after a stroke – like with an app or virtual reality. Rewellio starts right here and wants to make therapy easier both for the patients and the physiotherapists. talked to Georg Teufl, founder and CEO of Rewellio GmbH, about the advantages of his product and digitalization in general.
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SmAccLab: Smart auxiliary means for everyone
Accessible and realistic – that’s how auxiliary aids should be in the eyes of Professor Carsten Zahout. Students at the Smart Accessibility Laboratory (SmAccLab) are working on technical solutions that fulfill these requirements and lead to increased participation for people with disabilities. found out how product engineering and inclusion join forces.
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fuelService app helps drivers with disabilities to refuel their car
Your car ran out of petrol and you need support refuelling it? The new app fuelService is about to help you find a petrol station where you get the help you need. The app is for free and globally available. App founder Niall El-Assaad told how it works.
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Inclusive education: "Children of Utopia" creates new perspectives
The debate about inclusive education is stalling and generally doesn’t even let those who are most affected have their say: students both with and without disabilities. The German movie "Children of Utopia" ("Die Kinder der Utopie") wants to change all that. That's why it will be screened in several movie theaters on May 15 as part of a nationwide campaign event – followed by panel discussions.
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"The DisAbility Talent Program connects employers and prospective employees with disabilities"
Professional success with a disability or chronic illness – the DisAbility Talent Program aims to also support respective German students and new graduates in the near future. How is it planning to do that? asked Daniel Schörghofer, who has been in charge of the program in Austria for several years as a DisAbility talent manager at myAbility Social Enterprise GmbH.
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Diabetes in India: Smartphones save sight
About one in ten people in southern India is diabetic. Around one in three suffers from a so-called diabetic retinopathy (DR), a disease of the retina caused by diabetes. Untreated, DR is often the cause of visual impairment and blindness. Early detection is therefore all the more important in order to intervene in good time.
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Robotic pancreas transplant offers hope for obese patients with Type 1 diabetes
For patients with Type 1 diabetes who don't respond well to insulin or have other serious medical complications caused by their disease, pancreas transplantation offers hope for a cure. But obese candidates who need a pancreas transplant often are denied the procedure.
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Older adults' independence is most significant factor for vulnerability in hot weather
Efforts to support older people during extreme heat should focus on those who lack independence or have pre-existing health issues, according to an expert from the University of Warwick.
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Employees who are caring for their older relatives struggle with workplace needs
Employers who don't step up to help with workplace supports may make informal caregiving 'an even tougher role,' Baylor University researcher says
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Music develops the spoken language of the hearing-impaired
Finnish researchers have compiled guidelines for international use for utilising music to support the development of spoken language. The guidelines are suitable for the parents of children with hearing impairments, early childhood education providers, teachers, speech therapists and other rehabilitators of children with hearing disabilities, as well as the hearing-impaired themselves.
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Neurotechnology holds promise for chronic stroke patients
Neurotechnology-based therapies, including brain-machine interfaces, robotics, and brain stimulation among others, will lead to largest treatment effects and success if they are tailored to the needs of individual patients, and used in combination, say the authors from the Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering.
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Understanding how tics are suppressed may help some at risk for tic disorders
Identifying kids who control their tics may help others at risk for Tourette syndrome.
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Meals on Wheels drivers good early warning system for senior's health and safety issues
Meal delivery drivers bringing food to homebound seniors can be an effective early-warning system for health and safety problems, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society by researchers at the West Health Institute, Brown University and Meals on Wheels America.
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Gatwick Airport wins Accessible Airport Award 2019
Gatwick Airport, in the United Kingdom was the winner of the Accessible Airport Award 2019! The award ceremony took place in Cyprus, during the Annual Congress of Airports Council International Europe (ACI Europe). It was presented to Gatwick Airport by Christakis Nicolaides, President of the Cyprus Confederation of Organizations of the Disabled on behalf of EDF.
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Implants: Remote-controlled drug delivery system for chronic disease management
People with chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes and heart disease may one day forego the daily regimen of pills and, instead, receive a scheduled dosage of medication through a grape-sized implant that is remotely controlled.
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TiPY Keyboard: A keyboard for one hand
One of the most important communication tools of our time can now be operated completely with one hand. With a new key concept and a built-in mouse function, TiPY enables the editing of all programs,...
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A new level of accessibility – Gaming with the Microsoft Adaptive Controller