"Acting disabled" or acting with a disability?

Whether they are on the big stage, on TV or the big screen – characters with various disabilities keep turning up. But how are the characters being portrayed? What impression do they leave with viewers? And are they actually played by actors with disabilities? REHACARE.com got a small overview over the industry.


Photo: Lead cast of "Dr. Klein"; Copyright: ZDF/Mathias Bothor

The ZDF afternoon TV series "Dr. Klein" has a fresh view on the impairment of the lead role Dr. Valerie Klein; © ZDF/Mathias Bothor

A fresh take on German TV shows

Photo: Carina Kühne; Copyright: Peter Schäfer

In "Be my baby" Carina Kühne plays a young woman with trisomy 21 who wants to live a self-determined life; © Peter Schäfer

US TV series: disabilities take a backseat

Controversy: just acting a disability?

Photo: Deaf actress during shooting of the new "Tatort"; Copyright: SR/Manuela Meyer

Kassandra Wedel is deaf and also plays a deaf character in the new "Tatort: Totenstille"; © SR/Manuela Meyer

Europe: diversity in the theater

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann

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