"I can say no if I get a no-feeling" – how theater promotes prevention

Interview with Simone Heiser, Theater Educator and Actor at the theaterpädagogischen werkstatt Osnabrück (English: Theater Pedagogy Workshop Osnabrück)


Foto: black and white portrait of the actor Simone Heiser; Copyright: Simone Heiser

Simone Heiser wants to encourage people with disabilities to say no when they have a feeling of no through short scenes from everyday life and interaction with the audience.

Foto: Simone Heiser and Stephan Tillmanns on stage; Copyright: beta-web/Unverzagt

Simone Heiser and Stephan Tillmanns use simple language and pictures to help give feelings a name.

Foto: Simone Heiser and Stephan Tillmanns sing a song; Copyright: beta-web/Unverzagt

The theatre-pedagogical workshop in Osnabrück makes prevention theatre. An important message from it: talking helps!