"With the Lorm Glove, deaf-blind people gain access to information on their own"

Directly and on-site – this is what communication currently looks like for deaf-blind persons. The Lorm Alphabet they use is a spelling alphabet and is directly lormed into the palm of your hand. Communication over distances is only possible via an intermediary. A glove is now meant to change all that.


Photo: Tom Bieling

Tom Bieling; © Design Research Lab, Berlin

Photo: Fingers touch another hand during lorming

According to the Lorm Alphabet there is a point in the hand for every letter. In order to communicate these points are touched; © private: Edi Haug, Laura M. Schwengber

Photo: Table with several prototypes of the Lorm Glove

A lot has changed from the first prototype until today. But the development of the Lorm Glove is not finally finished yet; © Design Research Lab, Berlin

Photo: Lorm Glove, Lorm Hand and Social Media icons

The connection with different Social Media channel makes it easier to communicate with others who are in another place; © Design Research Lab, Berlin

Foto: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann