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"I fought my way back, bit by bit."

Dirk wears the L300 Go with functional electrical stimulation for drop foot

Dirk suffered a stroke at the age of 43. "Everything changed, I was unable to move about and could no longer speak properly," the Cologne native recalls. Dirk fought his way back into life with the help of family, friends, physicians and therapists – even though his prognosis was initially poor. “I fought my way back, bit by bit. I didn’t give up or let myself get discouraged,” Dirk says. 

Dirk was in a wheelchair when he was discharged from his first session of early rehabilitation. "But I live on the 3rd floor of an old building with my wife and our three children. I had to manage that, and I worked towards this during my rehabilitation.” Dirk succeeded – soon he was able to go up the three floors on his own.

After subsequent rehabilitation sessions, Dirk, who suffers from drop foot due to the stroke, tested a product with functional electrical stimulation (FES). The L300 Go system stimulates the nerves using electric impulses applied on the surface of the skin. It activates the muscles that lift the foot – so the patient can walk more quickly and smoothly, thereby also managing to cover longer distances. “The system has given me back a great deal of freedom,” Dirk says. "I can walk my dog again and even go hiking."

As an educator, Dirk is always on the go. Working with children and adolescents, he frequently spends time outdoors and simply has to be mobile and spontaneous. Dirk reports, “I don’t stumble anymore, and I walk much more naturally – not from the hip as I used to, which I’ve noticed has also resulted in less back pain. Above all, the L300 Go gives me safety, for example when negotiating stairs. I am also completely free in terms of my choice of shoes, regardless of whether I’m wearing hiking boots, lightweight trainers in the summer or sturdy winter shoes."

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