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REHACARE: the biggest trade fair in its sector



Manufacturers and service providers will be at hand with information on all facets and aspects of rehabilitation. The purpose of rehabilitation is to minimise the physical impact of a disablement or condition and thus to ensure that clients will return to an active private and working life with the help of appliances or indeed through the provision of specific services or assistance.


Maintaining a good level of health is of interest to all of us (primary prevention). One special focus at REHACARE is on the identification of disabilities and conditions at the earliest possible stage and on providing early treatment that will either ensure healing or prevent deterioration (secondary prevention). REHACARE also highlights preventative measures and ongoing care in dealing with secondary damage (tertiary prevention).


Inclusion means being part of the wider community - at work, at home, through travelling, sports, recreation and cultural pursuits. The exhibitors and forums look forward to welcome you. 


The area of care is gaining more and more importance in public awareness, partly due to a steady rise in the number of care patients. New models and strategies are therefore required. To provide greater transparency of the latest developments and the most recent products and services in the market, this area will be given a large amount of space at REHACARE. This comprehensive overview of rehabilitation, integration, prevention and care makes REHACARE indispensable for anyone wanting to obtain detailed information.

Forums, focal parks & activities at REHACARE


Problems of those affected, the provision of assistive technology from the national health insurance, innovative products, mobility & travel.
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Forum "Living with care @home"

Special show with lectures and workshops concerning daily care questions and problems that those affected and their relatives and friends may have.
To the Forum "Living with care @home"

Focal topic "Training & Working"

Consultation in all matters of education and profession: What are the options? What support is available? Which regulations must be observed? These and many other topics will be dealt with in talks and in individual discussions.
To the Focal topic "Training & Working"

Focal topic "Brain + Eye + Ear"

"Market Place Brain" - Specialised forum and focal parc for persons with brain injuries, stroke or congenital brain damage. A comprehensive programme, including talks, experience reports, presentation of care facilities, new remedies and medical aids, and much more.

REHACARE has a separate exhibition area with new medical aids, innovations and advice for visually impaired and blind people. Those concerned will find all the products and services that are relevant for their needs, from visual aids like electronic video magnifier or camera systems to PC with software suitable for blind people.

New medical aids and innovations and advice for the hard of hearing and the deaf persons.
To the Focal topic "Brain + Eye + Ear"

Focal topic "Mobility + Travel"

Above all, mobility is a big issue at REHACARE: Everything in wheelchairs, driving devices, walking aids, adapted vehicles and related services are represented in Dusseldorf with broad product ranges.

An interesting journey through the world of disabled-friendly travel is offered by REHACARE in exhibition hall 5, where various disabled-friendly leisure and travel providers will be on hand to talk to visitors.
To the Focal topic "Mobility + Travel"

Focal topic "Sports + Fun + Culture"

The Rehabilitation and Sports Association of People with Disabilities in North-Rhine Westphalia (BRSNW) invites REHACARE visitors to inform themselves about the variety of sports offers for people with disability and to try out different types of sports directly on site.
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Children at REHACARE

Children with disabilities require aids constructed to their specific needs. REHACARE makes special efforts to take care for its little visitors.
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Visitor target groups

Economic sectors

  •     Medical and sanitary trade
  •     Orthopaedics trade
  •     Rehabilitation facilities
  •     Special facilities (workshop, school)
  •     Care for outpatients, sick people and the elderly
  •     Ambulant nursing / care services
  •     Medical / technical services
  •     Cost unit (employer's liability insurance association, public health scheme, insurance, public  insuarnce intituts)
  •     Doctor's surgery
  •     Hospital / clinic
  •     Medical auxiliaries industry
  •     Other industry
  •     Architect's office / technical planning office
  •     Organisations for the disabled (sport asscociations for the diabled, self-help groups, ...)
  •     Welfare / charity association
  •     Other services / consultancy
  •     Other associations / organisations
  •     Public authorities
  •     Universitiy / college / polytechnic school
  •     Press/ media / publishing houses

Private visitors

  • Disabled people
  • Accompanying people of the disabled
  • Pensioneers / seniors
  • Other private visitors

People from the medical/pharmaceutical sectors

  • Surgeons
  • Altenative / non-medical practioners
  • Physiotherapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Nurses
  • Assitants of the surgeon