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Access without barriers to arts and culture!?

Visiting concerts, going to the movies or venturing out on a field trip to the museum – all of these activities are not possible without limitations for many persons with disabilities since the cultural scene still presents numerous obstacles. Can we actually talk about inclusion in our cultural landscape?


Photo: Young woman eating popcorn in the cinema

In German movie theaters companions of wheelchair users have to sit in a different spot; ©

Inclusion as the basis for concepts

Photo: A tactile paving system and the inclusive "drum"

A tactile paving system (left) leads the visitors through the exhibition and by this to the inclusive communication stations; © DHM/Thomas Bruns

With cultural encounters in mind

Photo: Two photos of participants of workshops in a museum

People with and without disabilities come together for museum workshops in the project "Neue Perspektiven gewinnen"; © Matthew Schoenfelder 2015 (left) Jochen Mooslehner (right)

The European cultural landscape

Photo: "Mona Lisa" as touchable 3D printing

Classic art paintings like "Mona Lisa" can be enjoyed by blind people with the help of 3D printing; © Vesa Laitinen/Unseen Art

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann