Accessible construction in the public domain

Whether people with or without disabilities, whether young or old – buildings with accessibility provide benefits for everyone in society. But reality still looks different. The argument that accessible construction is too expensive is often put on the table, but it only partially reflects the truth. When accessibility is taken into account in construction from the beginning, there are barely any additional costs.


Photo: Entrance area with a ramp and stairs

Buildings in public domain should offer accessible entrance opportunities; © Reichenauer

Photo: Wheelchair in a bus

Accessibility is very important in public transportation; © Vereshchagin Dmitry

Accessible construction in public transportation

Photo: Christoph Rieker

Christop Rieker likes to be on the road - especially when everything is accessible; © private

Accessible hotels for all

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann