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Photo: Elderly couple in the car; Copyright:

90 percent of senior drivers don't make vehicle adjustments that can improve safety


Most senior drivers surveyed by the AAA Foundation are not taking advantage of simple, inexpensive features that can improve safety and extend their time behind the wheel.
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Photo: Student researcher Shir Kashi interacts with robotic arm; Copyright: Ben-Gurion U. Israel

Personalizing human-robot interaction may increase patient use


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers have begun to discover preferences in human-robot interactions and the need to personalize those encounters to fit both the human's preferences and the designated task.
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Photo: Hand operates a Braille line on a laptop; Copyright: Michel Arriens |

Launch of the world’s first online platform for digital accessibility


The world’s first online platform for digital accessibility has been launched. As part of the EU’s "Prosperity4All" project, DeveloperSpace is where interested parties, developers, companies, and the scientific community come together. The aim is to develop simple, cost-effective and efficient solutions for assistive technologies.
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Photo: Man with a prosthesis and a researcher; Copyright: Marc Hall, NC State University

Study shows need for adaptive powered knee prosthesis to assist amputees


New North Carolina State University research into wearable robotics shows how amputees wearing these devices adapted when presented with a real-world challenge: carrying a weighted backpack. The results could assist device manufacturers and clinicians expand the utility of these important devices, and could help researchers develop smarter controllers that adapt to real-world demands.
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Photo: Yehoshua Dekel and Inbal Pezaro; Copyright: National Paralympic Committee Israel

Sports technology spotlight on Paralympic sports


Paralympic sports were centre stage at the Asian Pacific Congress on Sports Technology (APCST) held in Tel Aviv, Israel, from 16-19 October. The congress, which connects scientists and entrepreneurs with athletes, sports professionals and trainers, devoted its final day entirely to Paralympic sports.
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