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Photo: Woman with a speaker at a demonstration; Copyright: Andi Weiland |

No woman with disability should be left behind


The European Diasability Forum (EDF) took the World Day for Elimination of Violence against Women as occasion to call the European Union to protect the rights of women with disabilities. Furthermore the EDF is holding a hearing aiming to raise awareness on ending forced sterilisation of women and girls with disabilities and call for the prohibition of all forms of violence against women.
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Mothers of teens with autism report higher levels of stress, but optimism can be a buffer


Research suggests a positive outlook can mitigate the psychological effects of parenting a child with autism
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Photo: Kassandra Ruhm in a park; Copyright: private

"Inclusion means a disability no longer determines attractiveness"


Kassandra Ruhm uses a wheelchair and lives openly as a lesbian. She wants to change narrow perceptions towards people with disabilities and inspire more and more people to challenge and rethink their biases. That’s why she is a committed disability rights activist and is very self-confident and open-minded about herself, her disability and the way she loves.
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Photo: Anna Hartmann

"Suse" helps abused and battered women and girls with disabilities


Representative studies show: women and girls with disabilities face significantly more violence than women without disabilities. Yet they rarely seek help since their disability often makes access to therespective support systems difficult. The "Suse" Project offers affected persons accessible support services, for instance in the form of Easy English.
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