Carolin Fischer - That's how she rolls

Carolin Fischer is able to laugh about herself and lives for modeling. It is really important for her to show that people with disabilities are beautiful – quite natural. No ifs, no buts. What kind of contribution her family made to her today’s self-confidence and why she would like to be a child again, she tells us on


Foto: Carolin Fischer;  © Kerstin Runau

Carolin Fischer; © Kerstin Runau

Name: Carolin Fischer
Alter: 26
Wohnort: Mühlhausen
Beruf: Bürokauffrau, Rollstuhlmodel
Behinderung: Querschnittlähmung C5-C6
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When did you last laugh heartily and what about?

Carolin Fischer: The last time was with my mother. There are habits you do not recognize anymore. And when someone tells you about it or even copies you, all you can do is to laugh yourself to tears.

What have you always been wanting to do and why have you never done this so far?

Carolin Fischer: I would like to go on a world trip. And my biggest wish is to do whale watching. I would like to get to know different cultures. But until now I haven't really found somebody who wants to discover the world with me. Because of the wheelchair everything has to be well organized, but I hope to be able to say soon: "Yes, I have seen the world!".

Which person has influenced you most?

Carolin Fischer: My family. Without their support and confidence, also regarding a life with and in a wheelchair, I would not have made it. Nowadays I really love and appreciate life and I am a happy person.

You have the chance to become the German Federal Commissioner for the Disabled. What would you do first?

Carolin Fischer: Equality! We are all only human beings who dream, laugh, cry and live. A lot of things in everyday life have to be made easier. So we would not be forced to think twice whether we can go to a certain place or not. And I would also improve lots of problems concerning health ensurances.
Photo: Three different photos of Carolin Fischer as a mashup; © Kerstin Runau

Carolin Fischer enjoys presenting herself in front of a camera; © Kerstin Runau

Your life is made into a film: Who would represent you?

Carolin Fischer: I would do this on my own, because I think that people with a stroke of fate live and think differentely. So I would be a strong and self-confident woman many people look up to.

I would like to be ...

Carolin Fischer: a child again. So I could be worry-free for a while, hug my deceased grand parents and I could discover the world through the eyes of a child again.

Which questions would you like answered the most?

Carolin Fischer: Why has the world be so cruel somestimes? Why people kill each other? Why do children have to suffer from hunger? Why can't we all be just EQUAL?

What I finally want to say...

Carolin Fischer: Don't take everything in life too serious. Enjoy the multiple small moments that seem to be priceless. And behave towards others the way you want to be treated as well.

"Take a deep breath and live the moment" - that's my life motto.