Changing perspectives – changing mobility -- REHACARE Trade Fair

Changing perspectives – changing mobility

What difference do five centimeters make on a curb when you are in a wheelchair? How much does spatial orientation vary when you can barely see or cannot see at all? People without disabilities can find out first-hand answers that may help them choose to consciously change their own mobility.


Photo: Ulrike Pohl with simulation glasses

Also Ulrike Pohl changes perspectives and tries on some simulation glasses for example; © Inklusion konkret

Another perspective on barriers

Photo: Johannes Mairhofer in a wheelchair

During an event Johannes Mairhofer used a wheelchair for one day and made some interesting experiences; © beta-web

How barriers impede

Photo: Simulation glasses and measuring a curbside

The participants can perceive their surrounding in a different way through the simulation glasses. And Ulrike Pohl also raises their awareness for supposed little barriers; © Inklusion konkret

Experts in their own right

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann