Christine Rupp - That's how she rolls

The timing is something Christine Rupp has to complain about: The diagnosis Multiple Sclerosis came too early into her life. First, she was struggling with the diagnosis, but now she thinks: Full speed ahead! What else she wants to achieve with this energy, she tells us on


Photo: Christine Rupp; Copyright: private

Christine Rupp; © private

Name: Christine Rupp
Age: 43
City: Ahaus, Germany
Occupation: Student, office management assistant
Impairment: Multiple Sclerosis

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When did you last laugh heartily and what about?

Christine Rupp: On New Year's Eve, about the fireworks I partly missed because of being in the elevator.
What have you always been wanting to do and why have you never done this so far?

Christine Rupp: A year abroad in order to brush up my English knowledge. I was diagnosed with MS when I was 15 years old and then I did not dare to go abroad. Unfortunately.

Which person has influenced you most?

Christine Rupp: My basis, my deceased parents, who have always supported me and always had a good solution for everything.

You have the chance to become the German Federal Commissioner for the Disabled. What would you do first?

Christine Rupp: Lowering all curbs; establishing enough disabled parking spaces; enough financial support for everybody being disadvantaged because of their impairment; enough assistance for everybody in need; ensuring that people with disabilities get a job. There are a lot things that need to be done...
Photo: Christine Rupp; Copyright: private

MS has turned her life upside down, says Christine Rupp. But she is quite sure that still a lot is possible - only by rethinking; © private

Your life is made into a film: Who would represent you?

Christine Rupp: Nobody, only I would represent myself. :)

I would like to be ...

Christine Rupp: a dentist.

Which questions would you like answered the most?

Christine Rupp: Why did my MS choose such a silly time to get active? I had A LOT of plans. Now I have to start rethinking...

What I finally want to say...

Christine Rupp: You can be happy and active with MS as well. A lot of things are possible, often only in a different way... Though we cannot change the wind, but put the sails differently.