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Photo: A physician is taking a blood test from an elderly man; Copyright: Lancaster University

Breakthrough study reveals new diagnosis for Alzheimer's


In the largest and most conclusive study of its kind, researchers have analysed blood samples to create a novel and non-invasive way of helping to diagnose Alzheimer's disease and distinguishing between different types of neurodegenerative disorders.
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Photo: Account authorization with login and password input fields on a smartphone; Copyright:

McLean researchers uncover security issues with health apps for dementia patients


Use caution when entering personal health information into a convenient app on your mobile device, because not all apps are created equal when it comes to protecting your privacy, warns McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School clinicians.
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Photo: Daughter showing her father an newspaper article; Copyright:

Simulation shows the high cost of dementia, especially for families


A new simulation of how the costs and the course of the dementia epidemic affect U.S. families finds that neurodegenerative conditions can more than double the health care expenditures of aging and that the vast majority of that financial burden remains with families rather than government insurance programs.
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Photo: Prof. Dr. Claudia Kaiser; Copyright: private

"Openness and curiosity, as well as acceptance and appreciation, are essential for intercultural support and care"


About 1.4 million people in Germany live with dementia. Among them are also a growing number of people with migration background, including people from the Russian-speaking realm. It is important to address every person individually based on his/her cultural background – even in health care environments.
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Photo: Therapy pig Felix and an elderly woman; Copyright: Ewald Kremer

Good luck pig: "Felix doesn’t treat people, he is my assistant"


Pigs brings back many memories and emotions, especially for older people because they remember them from their childhood. And that’s exactly what the Dutch physical therapist Daan Vermeulen draws on. He visits retirement homes, schools and other facilities with his pig Felix. With the help of his pig, he is able to playfully boost the senses and mobility of people with dementia.
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Image: Carer and old female person; Copyright:

Culturally sensitive care: "Treating people equally and fairly but not the same"


There are 80 million people living in Germany. This also means there are many different cultures living together. Schools and daycare facilities already provide special choices for children who speak another language. But what is the situation like in nursing homes and care facilities? And what exactly is culturally sensitive care?
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