Competitive sports with and without disabilities: Alone instead of together?

Photo: Markus Rehm jumping; © Ralf Kuckuck, DBS-Akademie

His good accomplishments make Markus Rehm an issue; © Ralf Kuckuck, DBS-Akademie

Is a prosthesis an advantage? Researchers at Bournemouth University in England try to answer this question and examine to what extent lower limb prosthetics represent a competitive advantage in joint competitions of athletes with and without disabilities. During the past few months, the "Markus Rehm case" has attracted a great deal of attention – and criticism in Germany.


Criticism of Rehm

Photo: Kirsten Bruhn sitting next to wheelchair in front of a pool

Kirsten Bruhn no longer participates actively in competitions; © private

Acceptance of Paralympic sports

Combining the Olympics and Paralympics?

Photo: Kirsten Bruhn swimming, Markus Rehm jumping

Kirsten Bruhn and Markus Rehm agree in many items concerning inclusion and competitive sports - also in regard to the role of the media; © private / Ralf Kuckuck, DBS-Akademie

Changing the basic understanding of disability

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann