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Image: graphic depicting the effectiveness of recruiting practices; Copyright: Kessler Foundation

Survey provides new directions for employment of people with disabilities


Kessler Foundation released the results of a new national survey that shows that employers are striving to recruit, hire, train, and retain people with disabilities, and reveals areas of opportunity for even greater successes in the workplace.
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Photo: Man leaning at a tree and smoking; Copyright: ltd

Study: Risk factors on rise among people with stroke


Despite prevention efforts, researchers have found a significant increase over a 10-year period in the percentage of people with stroke who have high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and other risk factors for stroke.
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Photo: Screenshot of a Penn State Video showing the game

Playing a conversation game may encourage advance care planning


Few people may want to spend a Saturday night planning their end-of-life care, but playing a game designed to spur conversation about advance care planning may be a more enjoyable way to ease into the process, according to researchers.
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Image: Parents' confidence in school's ability to handle health situations; Copyright: C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health

Parents not confident schools can assist child with chronic disease


Do parents think schools are equipped to handle health issues like asthma attacks and mental health issues?
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Photo: Account authorization with login and password input fields on a smartphone; Copyright:

McLean researchers uncover security issues with health apps for dementia patients


Use caution when entering personal health information into a convenient app on your mobile device, because not all apps are created equal when it comes to protecting your privacy, warns McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School clinicians.
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Photo: A man shoves a woman in a wheelchair; Copyright: Heike Günther

Community development: "Q8 supports, connects and assists"


Whether it’s a block party or neighborhood initiatives, there is great solidarity among people. Yet to make their own "hood" livable and enjoyable for all people and/or support it, the hands of residents are often tied. The Q8 Project by the Ev. Stiftung Alsterdorf attempts to act as an intermediary and support citizens in their projects in several boroughs and quarters of Hamburg, Germany.
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Photo: Hand of a girl touches the head of a horse; Copyright:

Therapy with animal assistance


Whether animals are large or small, have fur or feathers – so-called "animal-assisted therapy" opens up a number of great possibilities. But what is behind this type of therapy? And what findings are there that indicate the effects of animals on the human psyche and health? asked around.
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Photo: Sema Gedik at work; Copyright: Valerie Diedenhoff

Fashion: At eye level with little people


Every little person should be able to buy beautiful clothes yet there are still no fashionable items available in standard sizes. That’s something Sema Gedik wants to change – with her project titled "Auf Augenhöhe" (English: At Eye Level). talked with the designer about her inspiration, her goals and the obstacles she had to overcome.
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How can I help you? – An accessible shopping experience please!


Wide aisles, a lot of room between the shelves, non-slip flooring and easy-to-read price tags – this is especially important for senior citizens and persons with disabilities when they shop. But in the real world, things are often very different: shopping carts that are hard to maneuver, narrow checkout aisles or undersized dressing rooms are all too common.
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"The number of older drug users in need of care will increase considerably"


Right now, the care sector is not prepared for this fact yet: drug addicts are getting much older than previously believed. At the same time, many typically age-related restrictions start to appear far earlier with them. This poses new challenges in health care provision.
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Photo: Nicole Seifert

"Safe mobility starts with the right choice and adaptation of the wheelchair"


Whether it’s a wheelchair or a walker – for people with disabilities, it is crucial to control their own mobility in a competent and safe manner. Yet not everyone truly feels confident in every situation with these assistive devices. That’s why spoke with Nicole Seifert about ways to foster more trust in yourself and others.
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Photo: Dr. Ralf Suhr

"The reasons that lead to violence in care are complex and complicated"


Abuse in care has many different forms and is still a taboo subject. The World Elder Abuse Awareness Day wants to shed a bright light on this issue. This year, the Center for Quality in Care, ZQP, introduced its new featured report titled "Preventing Violence in Care". spoke with ZQP foundation president Dr. Ralf Suhr about seamless transitions and active prevention.
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"So far, there is no lobby in fashion for people with disabilities"


Aesthetic fashion garments for people with disabilities is still a niche market. This is why a European network wants to make sure that manufacturers, researchers and the target audience itself work together on developing intelligent and affordable solutions in an interdisciplinary and cross-industry fashion. Aesthetics and functionality are intended to be equally connected and enrich the market.
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New incentives: Fashion for people with disabilities


Supply and demand determine markets – this also applies to the fashion industry. In theory, it is supposed to be. Yet a look at fashion for people with disabilities quickly reveals that many needs of physically impaired customers are not being addressed and met. Now more and more designers want to change this.
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