Event hint: 3rd European Independent Living Day

Since 2014 the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL), along with its members and supporters, celebrate Independent Living and its philosophy on May 5th – the European Day for Independent Living. You can join ENIL this year again.


Graphic: The new accessible icon show the typical symbol of a wheelchair user but he is more active and you can see that he really moves; Copyright: not required, free for public use

ENIL calls out to all people with disabilities: "Let’s be more proud, strong and visible than ever!"; © not required, free for public use

Together they want to grab this opportunity to raise awareness on Independent Living, inform people about their initiatives and demand that human rights are respected – always, by everyone and everywhere. ENIL says: Let’s make the 3rd European Independent Living Day noisier than ever!

The situation of disabled people living in the EU is not getting better. People are still facing cuts, discrimination and significant barriers to Independent Living, social inclusion and everyday life. Therefore, it is important to be active on May 5th. Through creative actions people can make the news and will be able to spread awareness on Independent Living. Inform your local communities, friends and family about the Independent Living milestones. Only when people with disabilities are determined, visible and fighting, they can achieve their goals and improve their life conditions.

Each year the participation and the initiatives organized in various European countries and the involvement of disabled and non-disabled people become stronger and more impressive. Up until now, in more than 20 countries, the Independent Living Day has been celebrated in creative and inspiring ways. From conferences and public protests to photo exhibitions and flash mobs, disabled people and their organizations were there, spreading the Independent Living philosophy throughout Europe. 2016 will be the third year of celebrating the European Independent Living Day and ENIL hopes that this upward trend will continue.

ENIL’s contact person for the event this year is Kamil Goungor. You can contact him at kamiloulis@gmail.com and share your plans or if you have any questions. You can also share your ideas using the hashtag #ENILILDAY on the social media and spread your ideas.

REHACARE.com; Source: European Network on Independent Living

More about ENIL at: www.enil.eu