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Graphic: How we roll; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

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Overview: How we roll

Photo: Nadine Wettstein; Copyright: Yvonne Most

Nadine Wettstein – That's how she rolls


When Nadine Wettstein goes on an urban exploration tour with her guide dog, she usually realizes that things aren't as bad as she thought they would be. Her advice: Just do it! What insights she would like to have, what she thinks about accessibility and why inclusion is not a gift for people with disabilities, she tells us at
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Photo: Benjamin Schmidt; Copyright: Stef Schmidt

Benjamin Schmidt – That's how he rolls


His works are ruthlessly open, full of disarming truths and with powerful images. But author, musician and graphic artist Benjamin Schmidt hasn't had enough yet. Who his muses and companions were, why he would like to swim with an octopus and where he took off his glasses, he tells us at
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Photo: Richard J. Schaefer sitting under a tree, next to him is his wheelchair; Copyright: DieFotoFrau

Richard J. Schaefer – That's how he rolls


Richard J. Schaefer holds it like the founder of the scout movement: He wants to leave the world a bit better than he found it. How this philosophy of life affects his private and disability-political work, the Austrian tells us on
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Photo: Lukas Kraemer with a microphone on the street; Copyright: private

Lukas Krämer – That's how he rolls


The world is colorful! According to this principle Lukas Krämer tries to encourage other people with disabilities and at the same time to break down prejudices of non-disabled people. Why he got into politics and what his first act as the Commissioner for the Disabled would be, he tells us at
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Photo: Heidi Ulm riding a bike in front of a colorful hedge; Copyright: private

Heidi Ulm – That's how she rolls


Either completely or not at all. There is nothing in between for Heidi Ulm. Perhaps this also explains her goal of persuading society to rethink its thinking about people with disabilities. What she learned from her prosthesis maker, what kind of socially critical questions the 19-year-old has on her mind and how a YouTube channel can help to break down prejudices, she tells us at
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