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Overview: How we roll

Photo: Anne Gersdorff; Copyright: Andi Weiland |

Anne Gersdorff – That's how she rolls


Inclusion and work are her topics – the activist Anne Gersdorff studied social work and works as an integration consultant. She doesn't take herself so seriously and would like to take one or two time travels. To whom she owes her humanistic image of man, what she would like to change politically and where her dream journey should go to, she tells on
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Photo: Beth Griffiths; Copyright: Beth Griffiths

Beth Griffiths – That's how she rolls


From the middle of nowhere in Wales, Beth Griffiths writes about beauty, lifestyle, disability and books she reads. Besides that the 25-year old Welsh girl is a passionate wheelchair Basketball player. Her team, the Worcester Wolves, is kind of family to her. What her attitude towards life is, what she would love to do and what her relationship to cheesecake is like, she tells us on
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Photo: Michelle Rebane; Copyright: private

Michelle Rebane – That's how she rolls


More than 150 years ago Lewis Carroll succeeded with "Alice in Wonderland" in creating a work that still inspires people today. Anyone who follows Michelle Rebane on Instagram knows how enthusiastic she is about the characters and the work of Carroll. On she tells us what she wants to achieve herself, why she gets stopped by clichés and what she has to say about prejudices.
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Photo: Manuela Richter with her dog in nature; Copyright: Nikolaus Richter

Manuela Richter – That's how she rolls


First, it was quite some overcoming for Manuela Richter to leave her comfort zone, but it was worth it. Meanwhile, the Leipzig native loves to be outdoors with her dogs and to experience adventures. To whom she owes her thirst for adventure, which adventure she would like to experience and why she is so fond of dog trekking, she tells us at
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Photo: Christian Bayerlein; Copyright: Björn Lubetzki

Christian Bayerlein – That's how he rolls


Revolutionaries and free spirits are among his role models – no wonder then that Christian Bayerlein also likes to address unpleasant topics. Who would like to experience him live, has the opportunity at this years REHACARE forum on Friday. On he tells what his first official act as Federal Commissioner for the Disabled would be and what he would like to be part of.
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