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Photo: Wheelchair user in a

Accessible leisure activities and travel services


Whether it’s everyday life or vacation – many people with disabilities want to be as active as possible in their free time. Now there are more and more available services that specialize in meeting these different needs.
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Photo: Man and woman in a wheelchair stand in front of the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin together with their assistance dog; Copyright: visitBerlin, Andi Weiland |

Active in everyday life and while traveling


Whether culture or sports, whether at home or on vacation – there are more and more offers for people with different disabilities who want to live their life as actively as possible. What kind of opportunities blind and vision impaired travel fans have and what the website is all about, you will get to know in our Topic of the Month May: Active in everyday life and while traveling.
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How can I help you? – An accessible shopping experience please!


Wide aisles, a lot of room between the shelves, non-slip flooring and easy-to-read price tags – this is especially important for senior citizens and persons with disabilities when they shop. But in the real world, things are often very different: shopping carts that are hard to maneuver, narrow checkout aisles or undersized dressing rooms are all too common.
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Culture Inclusive: a bridge between cultural enjoyment and inclusion


The cultural landscape is changing because inclusive services are becoming increasingly important. Until now, there was a lack of information to comprehensively implement the notion of inclusion. The Culture Inclusive project offers assistance: you can find information about inclusive cultural institutions on a cultural map that can be filtered by disability criteria.
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