Jenny Bießmann - That's how she rolls

Jenny Bießmann is a very model of a globetrotter. If there are at least 25 degree Celsius, the final destination is almost perfect. According to her opinion all people with disabilities should explore the world and involve themselves actively in social life. How and thanks to whom she did this so far, she tells us on


Photo: Jenny Bießmann in a beach wheelchair; Copyright: private

Jenny Bießmann; © private

Name: Jenny Bießmann
Age: 29
City: Berlin, Germany
Occupation: Student and consultant for personal budget
Impairment: Spinal muscular atrophy type 2. I enjoy life thanks to my parents and also my dear assistants and also my electric wheelchair.
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When did you last laugh heartily and what about?

Jenny Bießmann: I have a lot of fun in life, love to laugh and do it very often – about myself, with my friends and assistants, my family, about social media posts. I am a very positive person, so laughing is just natural to me.

What have you always been wanting to do and why have you never done this so far?

Jenny Bießmann: To be honest: I always do what comes to my mind! Where there’s a will there’s a way. And I am living to this motto quite well for the last 29 years.

Which person has influenced you most?

Jenny Bießmann: My parents! They have been by my side for 18 years and supported me in everything. Not to forget my longtime friend Maria who fortunately sets me straight every now and then.

You have the chance to become the German Federal Commissioner for the Disabled. What would you do first?

Jenny Bießmann: I would directly visit Angela Merkel and make clear to her how urgent the so called Bundesteilhabegesetz (Federal Participation Law) is. And I would not go away until she signs that it will be a law with asset and income independent benefits.
Photo: Jenny Bießmann enjoys a sunset; Copyright: private

Travelling is not just a hobby for Jenny Bießmann, it is her passion; © private

Your life is made into a film: Who would represent you?

Jenny Bießmann: Actually I think, I should play my part on my own. But if it should be an actor, I would say Till Schweiger. Some like him, some don’t. But I think he is quite like me, even although he is male.

I would like to be ...

Jenny Bießmann: For a longer time somewhere where it is warm, maybe Kenya.

Which questions would you like answered the most?

Jenny Bießmann: Why is it impossible for every person to make one’s own wheather on a certain terrain of square meters? For me there should be at least 25 degree Celsius every day.

What I finally want to say...

Jenny Bießmann: Foreign countries, new cultures and religions are waiting for all of us. So, have no fear, get into the next plane and discover the world! It is fun and it is also not too hard with a wheelchair. Maybe you also want to have a look at my small but mighty travel blog.