Lisa Schütte – That's how she rolls


Lisa Schütte is a family person, dog lover and has diabetes type 1. How life feels like with this disease, she writes on her blog What else is important to her except her family and friends and her dog Nero and how Batman, Emma Watson and Norway fit together, she tells us at

When did you last laugh heartily and what about?

Lisa Schütte: In the morning when my boyfriend tried to cheer me up with a joke. It always works and so I’m laughing every day.

What have you always been wanting to do and why have you never done this so far?

Lisa Schütte: Actually I would have said: "travelling Norway with my backpack". But I have already done  this two years ago. I would love to travel on my own – only my backpack and me. But I have not tried this until now, because I am too afraid to do so with my diabetes

Which person has influenced you most? And why?

Lisa Schütte: I would say my parents and my brother. I admire all three oft hem, because they experienced a lot. They lived through hard times, times I may not have lived through without beeing broken, and they still are happy people. Besides that, they have accomplished a lot in their life. I would love to look back at my life one day and feel as satisfied and blessed as they do today.

Photo: Lisa Schütte; Copyright: private

Lisa Schütte wants to look back at her life one day and still feeling blessed. She hopes never to grow up completely even while growing old; © private

You have the chance to become the Commissioner for the Disabled in your country. What would you do first?

Lisa Schütte: I would turn to all concerned persons and tell them, that they can count on me, that they can write or tell me, what I could do for them. A better understanding for people with disabilities in our society would be important to me.

Your life is made into a film: Who would represent you?

Lisa Schütte: I would feel honored if Emma Watson would play my part. She accomplished a lot and steps up for women‘s rights.

I would like to be ...

Lisa Schütte: A lot. But the most important to me is being a beloved person, looking back on my life and being pleased. And maybe I would like to be batman.

Which questions would you like answered the most?

Lisa Schütte: It may sounds like a cliché, but I would like to get an answer to the question "why". Why is there a disease like diabetes type 1? Why do some of our beloved ones leave way too early in our life? But for questions like that, life has probably no satisfying answer.

What I finally want to say?

Lisa Schütte: Everyone has his cross to bear. But as we do not know how heavy it weighs, we should not judge other people. And: do not grow old completely!